Title: One Drunken Night

Author: jessi_toth

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Severus/Harry, Severus/?? (maybe in later chapter)

Archive: anywhere you like

Rating: R to NC17

Part: 2/?

Authors notes & Warnings: slash, violence, rape, language, (it will be mpreg)

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway or fashion own HP or anything else. I'm making no money from this.

One Drunken Night: Part 2

When Harry woke up the next day, he found himself in his bed. His skull felt ready to explode, and when he tried to open his eyes, the blinding light only made his headache worse. He kept his eyelids firmly closed.

At that point, he felt something move beside him. He gently turned his head and cracked his eyes open a tiny bit. He found himself face-to-face with none other than Professor Snape, Hogwarts' own evil, greasy git. Yelping, Harry scrambled backward and tumbled down from the bed. He wheezed in panic.

Calm down, Harry, he said to himself as he rose from the floor. Slowly, the events of the previous night came back to him. He roughly remembered the party and Snape escorting him back to his room. He recalled that he found it funny that they were now almost the same height. Then, a tiny shred of memory of the slim but muscular chest--the other man lying spread out on the bed. Harry's mouth watered at the memory of hot tightness around his cock.

He couldn't believe it--he'd just had sex with his former Potions master. He'd never live this down if anybody ever got wind of it. Knowing Snape, he'd use the incident to humiliate Harry, who didn't doubt Snape's ability to make his life a living hell.

Harry bit his lower lip. He had no choice but to remember for himself what had happened. But maybe if--a big 'if'--Snape didn't remember, then he couldn't possibly use the incident to torment his old student. Then Harry could live his life--his new life of freedom that he didn't want to jeopardise because of one night's mistake--one night he didn't even remember.

Yes, this was a perfect solution. Well, not perfect, but all he could think of on such short notice. Harry summoned his wand and whispered a powerful Sleeping Spell so that Snape wouldn't wake up. He wiped the memories of the previous night with a quick "Obliviate". That done, he just needed to get Snape back down to his dungeon.

Harry moved closer to the bed and pulled the quilt off the older man's body. A gasp escaped his lips--Snape was covered with bruises and a few bite marks. Harry grimaced. He had never been too good with Healing Spells, but he'd have to give it a try. He spelled away the worst of the marks and pulled the covers lower. There were more bruises, and between Snape's legs the white sheet was darkened with blood. Harry bit his lip again and gently moved a leg so he could heal the injuries.

He remembered a spell Hermione had mentioned once. The description had been in Latin or Greek. He wasn't sure, but he recalled that it was usually used to heal. It will have to do, he concluded, and whispered the spell. A yellow light came out of his wand and a similar light glowed on Snape's belly. He heard a faint whimper from the man, then the light faded. He must have had internal injuries: that's why he was glowing like that.

After healing all the damages, Harry quickly got his and Snape's clothing and began to dress them both. He pulled out his father's invisibility cloak and covered Snape with it, levitating the body down to the dungeon.


Severus woke up on the cold dungeon floor, his mind foggy. He had no idea how he had got here or why he was lying on the floor. He closed his eyes and concentrated, trying to remember what had happened last night. Somehow, this particular information escaped him. He felt very uneasy--lost memories never meant anything good. There were two possibilities: one, that he was drunk last night. This was unlikely, as he rarely drank, and usually not much when he did. The other choice was a Memory Charm. But why would anyone have obliviated him?

He ached all over his body, and lying on the cold stone wasn't helping. When he tried to sit up, he felt a pain in his lower body. He froze, knowing only one thing that could have caused this type of discomfort--sex.

His mind raced. He'd had sex with someone and he couldn't remember who it was or how it had happened. Whoever it was didn't want him to remember and had modified his memory. He trembled, and his muscles spasmed uncontrollably. He didn't remember, but the state of his body spoke volumes. He fell back to the floor, unconscious.

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