Title: One Drunken Night

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch (my lovely and irreplaceable Beta who help me to get this story straight. Thanks so much Bell Witch.)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Severus/Harry, Severus/?? (maybe in later chapter)

Archive: anywhere you like

Rating: R to NC17

Part: 3/?

Authors notes & Warnings: slash, violence, rape, language, mpreg

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway or fashion own HP or anything else. I'm making no money from this.


One Drunken Night

Part 3



Remus growled. His head hurt like hell--he knew he shouldn't have had so much to drink last night. But it had been an unusual situation, and events like these didn't happen more than once in a man's--or werewolf's--life. At last they'd won the war against the Dark Lord who would return no more. Such a thing required celebration.


As he shifted, he noticed that he wasn't in his own bed. This thing he was lying on was much too hard to be a normal bed and, if his senses weren't fooling him, it was made of leather. The second thing he noticed was that he was wearing the clothes he'd worn yesterday. They smelled strongly of alcohol and the stench was difficult to bear with his werewolf senses. His stomach rolled and he quelled the urge to vomit.


He cracked open one eye to find himself on the couch in the teacher's lounge. The room, like he himself, had seen better days. It was untidy, to put it mildly. Remus rolled onto his back and pulled himself into a sitting position. His head ached and his stomach rolled again. He needed to find some hangover potion.


Normally, he would simply go to Poppy and ask for a vial, but at this hour she'd probably hex him for bothering her unless it was a real emergency. Even though it felt like an emergency to him, he didn't think she'd see it quite the same. That left Severus. Or he could just lay back and die. Well, Severus was always an early riser so perhaps he was up already. Remus stood on his unstable legs and made his way down to the Potions master's lair.


He had made it as far as the Entrance Hall, where he was almost able to convince himself that he was going to be fine and should just go back to his rooms, when his sensitive nose caught a faint smell: blood and semen. He stopped dead, closing his eyes and concentrating, he sniffed. He turned toward the faint scent and opened his eyes. His heart skipped a beat when he realised where the smell came from. It was coming from the entrance to the dungeons.


He didn't really notice that he was moving, but he soon found himself running through the dark corridors toward the smell. It grew stronger and he spotted a dark figure. It was Severus Snape, who seemed to have collapsed on the floor outside his own chambers.


Remus stood transfixed for a minute before he saw Severus' body curl in on itself, a pained expression on his face. The wolf in Remus growled, and pulled him from his musings. He rushed forward, lightly shaking Severus' shoulder, but the man stayed unconscious. Carefully, he pulled the figure into his arms. He caught a faint whimper as he lifted up the slim form.


Mixed in with Severus' own unique smell was another familiar scent, as well as the odors of blood and sex. Deep growls escaped his mouth and he felt the wolf in him become restless. His pack member was hurt. His wolf self howled in anger. He was not unfamiliar with this feeling, for he had first felt it when Lily and James had been killed and again when Sirius had fallen through the veil.


"Severus," he called the black-haired man who moved in his arms. Severus stilled, but Remus didn't know why. Had he heard Remus' voice? Did he think Remus would cause him harm? He hoped Severus didn't feel like that.


He stood up with his burden that was far too light for his liking and started to move toward the hospital wing. He went carefully so as not to cause further damage.


~ ~ ~ ~

Halfway to his destination, Severus shuddered in his arms. As he looked down he noticed Severus' long, delicate fingers grabbing his robe and clinging like his life depended on it. Oddly, his face was relatively peaceful as he lightly nuzzled into Remus' neck.

 ~ ~ ~ ~

When he arrived at the hospital wing, Remus opened the door with a loud 'bang' that echoed through the otherwise silent room. Severus was still unwittingly clasping at Remus' robes.


Poppy stormed out of her office at the noise and angrily asked: "What happened?" But her face softened the moment she saw her visitor's face and the black figure in his arms.

"What happened?" she asked again, but now her voice was softer and trembling with emotion. She had thought that after the Dark Lord's defeat Severus would not need her care again.


"I don't know. I found him on the floor outside of his rooms in this state," Remus replied.


Poppy recovered herself rapidly, pushing her feelings aside. She needed to move quickly for her patient's sake--not as a friend but as the mediwitch she was.


"Lay him down on that bed and help me undress him, then you'll have to go out," she said, pointing to the bed closest to her office. She brought a few basic potions out and placed them near the bed before helping Remus remove Severus' clothing.


"Can't I stay here, just in case you need me?" Remus begged. He was sure why, but there was an incredibly strong urge inside his very soul that wanted to protect Severus and be near him.


"No, you can't," she said while she pushed him out the door. "Find Albus, for Merlin's sake!" she added and shut the door.


Remus stood and blinked at the closed door. Then he reminded himself that he had to notify Dumbledore of what had happened. He hurried through the corridors with long steps while questions raced through his mind with a similar speed. He was almost at the Headmaster's office when he met up with Dumbledore himself, who greeted him with his usual cheerful voice. After Remus told him of the morning's events, the face showed every bit of his 150 years.


After more than a half-hour's waiting, Poppy called them in.


"How is he? Will he recover?" Remus asked with a little more volume and vehemence than was really required.


"I've given him potions for healing and Dreamless Sleep. Now he needs to rest. It's all I can do in this situation. His body will recover quickly, but his soul...I don't know," she replied in a low voice that was full of sadness. Her eyes unconsciously went to the still form on the bed.


Remus looked at the Headmaster, but he was just staring at the floor with a strange expression on his face. Remus wasn't really listening to their conversation until he caught the Headmaster's anxious voice demanding answers.


"I don't understand. What are you trying to say?"


Remus turned his gaze to the mediwitch, waiting for her reply.


"Albus, he was raped." Poppy's voice was steely and her eyes blazed with anger as she spoke. "And Severus is pregnant."


The words slowly sank into Remus' mind. He'd known, but he hadn't known. He growled deep in his throat. I will kill whoever did this, he thought feverishly. The blood in his veins was filled with a werewolf's anger that wanted to tear its target into little pieces.


"Who was the bastard that did this?" Remus whispered.


Albus Dumbledore was silent. He wanted to know himself who had injured his dark child so badly, but there was an uneasy feeling in him that he couldn't explain. When he heard Remus' words, he looked up, a bit of the usual twinkle restored to his eyes. Perhaps there was some hope in this dark time. Perhaps Remus' reaction is a good sign.


"Now calm down, we will find out who did it," Albus said. "But for now, could you stay here with Severus? I'm sure he will be glad to see a friendly face when he wakes up."


Remus nodded.

Albus' eyes rested on Severus' still figure for a moment before he started to walk out of the hospital wing. He needed to talk to Harry.



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