title: One Drunken Night

author: jessi_toth

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch

pairing: Severus Snape/ Harry Potter,

WARNINGS: violence, rape, language, (it will be mpreg)

disclaimer: I do not in anyway or fashion own HP or anything else. I'm making no money from this.




One Drunken Night


The hand of Harry Potter destroyed the Dark Lord, and the wizarding world celebrated Voldemort’s downfall. The past years had been darker than anyone could remember life being. Voldemort's second regime had only lasted six years, but it cost the wizarding world greatly. As everyone else, Hogwarts faculty and the members of the Order of the Phoenix celebrated the victory of the light.

Harry Potter was one of those celebrating. He was twenty years old and, for the first time in his life, he was both free and drunk. Very drunk. At least, Harry was fairly sure that he was intoxicated—he’d stopped counting drinks after his sixth glass of firewhisky. Dumbledore spoke to him, but he wasn't sure what the old man said. He just couldn’t concentrate. He faintly heard Dumbledore bid to Professor Snape to escort him, Harry, back his rooms.

Strong arms slipped around his waist and held him up as they made their way to his chamber. They had just gone through Harry’s bedroom door when he noticed a faint smell of sandalwood and vanilla. He couldn’t fathom where the scent was coming from for a moment, then realised that it emitted from the other man’s skin. Soft, white skin. He looked up at his company, really seeing him for the first time in his life—attractive, dark, and mysterious. Severus Snape. For a minute, Harry just stared. He’d always liked the slim, tall frame and elegant, long fingers.

His mouth went dry as he moved forward. His mind was foggy with lust and his cock hardened in need. His breath hitched: his mouth was over Snape’s. When he couldn’t get his tongue inside, he bit hard on Snape’s lower lip. He heard a faint gasp, then the mouth opened and Harry was granted access, kissing Severus hard. As he ravished the older man’s mouth, he backed Snape up to the four-poster bed.


Severus hadn’t been in a good mood. Damn Dumbledore and his Order! The man thought he was a god or something. He’d asked another favour, and now he was here, having escorted Dumbledore’s golden boy back to his room. Potter was heavily inebriated; and he smelled, for heaven’s sake. It was disgusting.

As soon as they were safely in the bedroom, Severus just wanted to dump Potter and get the hell out of there. He was shocked when the little prat kissed him, and gasped in pain when he felt his lower lip bitten so hard it was probably bleeding. Potter thrust his tongue inside Severus’ mouth. He tried to move away, but the attempt was fruitless as Potter followed him. He then tried to push the boy away, but he’d backed into something hard and fallen backwards. The air was pushed out of him as he landed on the bed.


Harry was intoxicated by more than alcohol, but by the delicate, warm body so close to him. It moved against him, and he didn’t know anything anymore. Just one thing was essential—to get inside and fuck the body hard and rough. He moaned at the thought. He moved closer and pushed backward, forcing Snape to fall onto the bed. He thought he heard a hungry moan, but didn’t know if it had come from himself or Severus. Either way, his cock jumped at the sound. A quick, whispered spell and both of their clothes disappeared. He climbed on the bed.

Severus tried to push him back, and Harry wondered if Snape liked to be dominant. Well, not now. He was stronger and heavier than Snape, so he was easily able to hold the other man down. With a bit of effort, he gathered both of Snape’s wrists in one hand and pinned them above the dark head. He liked the sight: Severus Snape moving wantonly under him. He felt as his heart began to beat a bit faster and he licked his dry lips.

Damn. He needed both of his hands. A simple Binding spell solved the problem, freeing Harry to lick and bite at the moon-pale body. As he moved downward, he heard Snape gasp or moan, he couldn’t tell which. Harry smirked.

He pushed Severus’ legs apart and moved between them. The body below him tensed as he moved a hand to the small pucker. It was hot and tight, so fucking tight. Harry just wanted to slip inside. A lubrication spell, and then he used one hand to hold down the bucking hips and the other to guide his hard cock to Snape’s opening.

“No!” Snape nearly screamed when he slipped further in.

That voice was so dark and sexy. So Snape wants to play hard to get now? He almost snorted.

With one hard thrust he settled fully inside. Severus’ muscles tightened around him, and he heard the scream of pleasure. It was a heady sound: he couldn’t help but start to move, plunging fast and hard. Severus’ screams quieted to thin whimpers and moans. Harry loved the sounds the other man made.

Some time later, the flushed body stilled below him, and something made his movement easier. With a last shove, he buried himself deep in Snape, filling him with semen.


Cold. Severus felt cold when his clothing disappeared and the night air hit his naked skin. When Potter got on the bed, his brain caught up to what was happening. The drunken brat was trying to rape him!

He tried to get away, to dodge the younger man, but he lost the fight. His mind screamed ‘No!’ when Potter managed to pin his wrists down, and he knew defeat as conjured ropes replaced the hands holding him. He was licked and bitten, feeling as though he were under a blade. He gasped in pain. Potter forced his legs open, bruising the pale skin as he grabbed hold and held Severus down. He yelled again, ‘No!’, aloud this time, to no affect.

Then there was pain, total pain that shot through his body and worsened as he felt his muscles clench. After the first thrusts, his unprepared body was bleeding. He was in pain, trembling. There was a burning inside. He lost consciousness, and couldn’t remember anymore.


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