Title: Ordinary day

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Severus Snape/ Charlie Weasley

Summary: Sometimes an ordinary day as well can bring surprise.

Parts: 2/??

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway or fashion own HP or anything else. I'm making no money from this.

Authors notes & Warnings: slash, mpreg



Ordinary day, (Part 2)

Charlie looked at his lover, the mother of his children, as he hugged their son Julian. He wasn't foolish enough to say that aloud--that Severus was the mother of his children. He might be a Gryffindor, but he wasn't suicidal, and he wanted to live long enough to see their second child--or children. They thought they might be having twins, but they weren't sure. They wanted it to be a surprise. He liked to tease Severus about how big he was, that his own mother hadn't been that big when she carried the twins. That little thought scared Severus sometimes, making him start to cry.

Charlie really didn't know how Severus managed to keep his pregnancy secret: he was so moody. When he asked Sev about it the first time, he'd just laughed at Charlie.

"They don't care what's up with a slimy Slytherin, now do they?" Severus smirked at him. "And they like to stay as far away from me as possible."

"I didn't, and I'm a Gryffindor."

"Which only proves that no one from that House is sane," Severus had smiled lovingly at him, before moving into a passionate kiss.

He snapped out of his daydream. His beloved Sev was trying to stand up with as much grace as he could, being six months pregnant. A smile tugged at Charlie's mouth as he helped the other man to his feet, then pulled him into a warm embrace. He couldn't help but to kiss Severus. He heard Julian giggle at them before they pulled apart. He stood for a moment, lost in Severus' deep, black gaze filled with love and passion.


Charlie couldn't believe his eyes--his mother lay on the ground not far from their house. "Damn, damn, damn," he chanted, unable to pry his eyes from her fallen body.

"Well, I think the problem of how you tell your parents about us has been dealt with," Severus said in a lightly amused voice. Charlie just stared at his mother, then his lover, and laughed. Severus smirked a bit before gathering Julian in his arms. "Come, love, it's as good a time as ever," he said as he walked toward the fallen woman.

A good ten minutes later had the two men sitting on the couch watching as Molly paced a hole into the living-room floor. She looked both upset and angry, but it was uncertain which she felt more of.

When they had first approached her outside, she had woken up, screamed, then fainted again.

"Should we wait for her to wake up again and discuss this little affair out here, or maybe we can take her inside," suggested Severus in his usual sarcastic tone.

"Very funny, Sev," said Charlie. He looked at his mother, then at his son. He smiled. "Come on. Julian, help me bring your grandmother inside. You know mommy can't pick up heavy things." Severus hit his arm playfully, glaring. "I mean daddy."

Julian laughed at his parents' antics. "Coming," he said. "Papa, who is the funny lady?" he asked, a little confused.

Charlie could hear Severus try and stop his laughter with little success.

Maybe Severus thought it was funny that the boy had called Molly a funny lady, but Molly didn't. She talked to Charlie as though he was a five-year-old who had accidentally gone into the wrong house. She accused Severus of stealing her baby, which made him very angry in return.

Charlie felt awful. He wanted to defend Severus, but he didn't allow it. Then, Severus got upset, began to cry, and rushed to their room complaining about his hormones. Molly left five minutes later, saying that she needed to think.

Charlie looked lost. He felt as if his life had just been turned upside-down. As he watched his son sleeping on the couch, he heard a faint noise from the bedroom. He needed to go help calm Severus.

He walked to the bedroom door and his breath hitched. Severus looked so fragile, but only for him. For everyone but Charlie, he hid behind his mask of hatred and sarcasm. But he was lonely, and needed someone to love him. Charlie had seen this, and had given the man his heart.

Charlie approached Severus slowly. He slid his fingers under his lover's shirt to stroke the swollen belly. He moved his thumb up and down the other man's side, pulling the shirt off as he went. He moaned at the sight of the moon-white skin and licked at Severus' neck, causing him to sigh. With one hand, Charlie started to open Severus' trousers, and with the other he worked at his own.

Severus' thin frame shuddered, pressing back to Charlie's firm and well-toned body. As Severus leaned back, Charlie's hard cock pressed into his body. Severus moaned this time, and he turned slightly toward Charlie, their mouths pressing together in a firm kiss full of love and lust.

They moved toward the bed and made love carefully. Afterwards, they lay in each other's arms and felt that when they were together like this, the world outside of their house did not exist. The war, their families, their friends didn't exist in the here and now.

Charlie lay there and listened as his lover's breath slowed as Severus fell asleep. He stroked his lover's hair and back until he, too, fell asleep.

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