Title: Ordinary day

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Severus Snape/ Charlie Weasley

Summary: Sometimes an ordinary day as well can bring surprise.

Parts: 3?

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway or fashion own HP or anything else. I'm making no money from this.

Authors notes & Warnings: slash, mpreg

Ordinary day

Part 3

The next morning, Charlie watched as his beloved Severus pressed closer to his body. Carefully, so as not to wake him, he brushed the silky black hair that had fallen to cover Severus' face. It always amazed Charlie that he and Severus were able to stay together, despite their differences and the world around them.

He knew that his mother would not be satisfied with the little they had told her the day before: she'd be back.

Charlie's finger trailed gently down the swollen belly, remembering how it all began. It had been after Ron's second year at Hogwarts. He'd made his way back to Romania from the vacation in Egypt, staying the night in a dark and untidy Muggle hotel and being thankful that it was only for the one night. He'd stepped outside and found himself face-to-face with Severus Snape and been entranced.

The wind flowed through his long, black hair giving him a magnetic beauty like something from a dream. He wore tight black jeans and a loose-bottomed shirt that came up and showed the pale skin beneath. Charlie's eyes wandered over the slim but toned body that was actually visible in the Muggle clothing and his mouth went dry. He licked his lips. He knew that the other man was talking, but was so lost in the ebony eyes and velvet voice that he didn't understand the words.

"Just what I expect from a Weasley."

"What?" Charlie demanded, then snarled, "You can't go about insulting my family."

This made Snape smirk. "As inadequate as ever, I see."

This remark made Charlie angry like he'd never been before. Snape was treating him like a child, even though he was a mere six years his junior. His mind went foggy and he burned with rage, although the only thing he could think of was how good Snape looked with his eyes burning in cold, cruel amusement. This man always was a mystery for him who angered and excited him in the same moment and now he wanted only one thing.

"Shut up!" Charlie yelled, lunging forward to hit out at Snape. He saw surprise in the jet-black eyes as Snape stepped backward to avoid the blow. Instead of hitting, Charlie kissed him. He could feel the thin body tense for a minute, then relax and slightly part his lips, possibly in surprise. Charlie didn't care, he just wanted to stay that way as long as he could, knowing that when Snape recovered, he'd push Charlie away and never allow him close again.

And then Snape began to kiss back.

Charlie's eyes snapped open. Crystal-blue locked with ebony and he forgot to close them again, could only stare back at lust-filled deep, black eyes like his life depended on it.

Charlie never knew how they got back to his room, but the next thing he knew their clothes were everywhere on the floor. The moon-white skin begged for touch, for his lips and hands. Charlie couldn't resist.

"Why?" Snape asked, his voice cracking a bit in unaccustomed uncertainty.

"I want you. I need you," Charlie said, smiling. Snape snorted, but did not respond. "And you need me." Charlie's hand snaked down the other man's body, finding his hardened cock. He pressed forward with a mischievous smile and pressed another kiss to Snape's lips.

Surprisingly, Snape allowed him to take the lead and push the older man back on the bed. One body covered the other, and Charlie pinned Severus' hands above his head. As he worked on the white skin, Snape whimpered and moaned. Charlie made love to Severus that night, then the next day, then the next, and every day for quite some time.

Sometimes Snape came to Charlie in Romania and sometimes Charlie visited his lover at Hogwarts. It was more than sex, and Charlie knew it, although neither man spoke about it.

But one weekend, Snape didn't come as expected, nor the next. Soon after, Charlie Apparated as close as he could and walked to Hogwarts, making his way through the dark dungeon corridors that led to his lover's quarters.

When he opened the door to his private rooms, he could see a figure curled up on the sofa before the fireplace. Snape slept, but his dreams were fitful. He mumbled in his sleep, his brow furrowed, and he moaned. Charlie shook him carefully, but Snape didn't awaken. Shaking his head, he lifted the sleeping figure from the couch. He was painfully thin, as though he'd barely been eating. He'd lost weight and seemed somehow fragile in Charlie's arms. He'd been sick some weeks ago, Charlie knew, but had refused to go to the mediwitch.

After carrying Snape to his bed, Charlie lay down beside him and fell asleep.

The next morning, sleepy black eyes greeted him when he woke up, and an uncertain velvet voice mumbled, "Charlie?" so quietly, as though the speaker thought he'd disappear if the words were louder.

"Yes, love?" he asked back, smiling. Snape's features softened, as though some great weight had gone from his shoulders, then he paled. His skin turned slightly greenish, and then he jumped out of the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

Charlie heard the sounds of vomiting, and made his way to Severus' side. He knelt down and stroked the black hair. When there was nothing more in Severus' stomach, he leaned back wearily.

Charlie held the figure close on his lap so that he didn't have to sit on the cold stone floor. The dark head rested on Charlie's shoulder, his breath heavy. Charlie waited, hoping that his lover would say what was wrong, but Snape remained silent. At last, Charlie spoke up.

"Severus, you need to go to Madam Pomfrey, or I will bring you to her." Charlie spoke with mock anger in his voice, but it made the figure on his lap stiffen and start to tremble. He shook his head furiously.


"You need to find out what's wrong. It might be something serious, something life-threatening."

"I know what it is," Snape replied, his voice betraying no feeling, although faint tremors continued to wash over his muscles. He stood then, his body protesting, swaying so badly that he almost fell back on Charlie. He looked down, face an emotionless mask as always, which made Charlie's heart clench in fear that he'd lost his lover forever.

"I am pregnant."

Charlie's mind didn't catch the words immediately, but then he laughed. It was the best future what he would wish for himself, an own family with Severus. Snape looked confused, as though not expecting such a response.

The redhead stood, kissed Severus, then picked him up and carried him to the bedroom. Dropping him lightly on the bed, he smirked at Severus' confusion before climbing above him and pressing Snape's body close. Looking deep into the other man's eyes as proof of his sincerity, Charlie said, "I love you. Would you marry me?"

He knew then that his life would be full of secrets, but they were Charlie's secrets to keep for their safety. His son, his lover, and his unborn child.

He knew his mother would scream and throw a tantrum, but she'd calm down. He couldn't know what life would bring tomorrow, or who his mother would tell his secrets to. For now, in this bed beside his lover, it didn't matter.


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