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Ordinary day

Part 1

Molly Weasley was the mother of seven beautiful children, all her babies from the oldest, Bill, to the youngest, her only girl, Ginny. They loved and respected her, and she liked to think that she knew all about them and that they didn't lie to her. They were good kids, even the twins, despite what some people might have believed.

They loved her and she loved them. But, sometimes, she needed to get away from her life at home. At those times, she liked to walk in Hogsmeade or Little Hangledon, which were the only two all-wizarding towns in Britain.

Today, she chose Little Hangledon for her walk. There were lots of gardens there, filled with flowers and trees, and little children playing. She loved it there.

She stood near a playground, looking at her peaceful surroundings--the bright blue sky with the sun shining brightly, cats running or sunning themselves, and owls flying through the sky carrying letters or parcels. Children ran and shouted in the playground. On one of the benches sat Charlie.

Wait a minute, what was her son doing here? He said he needed to go back to Romania. She shook her head and looked back to the bench. Yes, there sat her boy, the second oldest of her children. His face held a dreamy look, smiling as he looked toward the sandbox.

"What the hell?" Molly didn't normally use profanity, but the situation was so odd. She couldn't help but be curious. Besides which, she was his mother and had a right to know why he was here, especially when he'd told the entire family that he was returning to Romania. She needed to investigate.

She made her way to the bench, freezing in mid-step when Charlie's voice called out, "Julian, come here. We need to go."

"Coming papa!" shouted back a black-haired boy of about three years who played near the bench.

Molly stood motionless as her Charlie was called 'papa'. No, it couldn't be true that he was this boy Julian's father. She couldn't be a grandmother! But deep inside her there was a strange feeling that it was true.

She couldn't just stand here and do nothing. She followed with her eye as the pair left the playground. She knew she had to go after them.

She wasn't spying on her son, she told herself. She wasn't. She was only doing what any worried mother would have done in a situation like this. She was curious, but she wasn't spying. The fact that she was, at the moment, keeping to the shadows was just because the sun was so very bright and the day so hot, not because she didn't want the two of them to see her. If that were the case, she would be spying. She wasn't, although didn't she have the right to, as mother and possible grandmother?

Of course, Charlie wasn't the boy's father. He couldn't be. He told her everything. Well, everything important anyway. A child was certainly important. He tell her about something like that, wouldn't he?

Molly was a little upset now. She hoped that the boy was just the child of Charlie's new girlfriend. Of course she knew that he preferred men and not women, but a mother could always hope.

At that moment, she saw Charlie's destination. It was a little house on the edge of town with a pretty garden. In the centre of the garden stood a tall oak tree, in the shadow of which sat a figure--a man, if her eyes didn't deceive her. A heavily pregnant man. His back was to her, so she couldn't see his face.

The little boy ran up to the sitting figure and hugged him. "Daddy, we're home!"

"I can see that," said a somehow-familiar velvety voice.

As Charlie laughed at the pair, the seated man rose with some difficulty, due to his swollen belly. Charlie helped him in the end, pulling his lover into a deep kiss that made Julian giggle at the pair. As they broke apart for breath, Molly could see the man's face as well as the little boy's, each with a pair of identical, unmistakable jet-black eyes.

The man was Severus Snape.

She gasped as she recognised him, and did the only thing she could under the circumstances.

She fainted.

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