The sound of running feet echoed thought one of the empty side corridors. Obi-Wan ran as fast as his 7 year old feet could carry him; he was in trouble again. It could have happened with anyone, but of course it was his fault. Things like that always happened with him, nothing had changed. From the day when his companion; who brought him to the Temple had left him alone in the crčche. These strange things started to happen, all the furniture in the room had started to spin and fly. When Master K’Lon, the crčche master, had finally calmed him done, almost everything was in disaster.

Sometimes when Obi-Wan lost his temper episodes like that happened. The worst if Bruck Chun, his all time rival, started to taunt him. It was easy to say not really anything stayed intact in the nearby area.

Today wasn’t an exception at all. Bruck had called him Ofy-Wan and taunted him for hours. And it make him angry but the last minute Obi-Wan caught himself and channeled his frustration and send out a Force push into the deserted corridor, or so he thought it was empty. The problem was that Master Yoda had just then trespassed before the door and his Force user armchair went out of control, and it flipped Master Yoda onto the floor.

And Obi panicked, it was the worst situation what he could have caused, except maybe when the chair below Master Windu collapsed or when Master Mng the flying instructor tried to teach him how to fly with a speeder and it crashed to the Council chamber. Maybe. Not that it really counts. He didn’t want to disappoint the crčche master or Master Yoda who helped him so much in the last few months how to control his emotions and channel them if he felt he would lose control. And he failed then. He was a failure.

So the only way out of this was to run. So Obi-Wan ran as fast as he could, he didn’t really know where he was going, he just ran. Maybe the force drove him, maybe just his feet, to this unlikely place where they would never look for him: in the starship hangar. He picked one of the ships; it was old and empty. It should be a good place to hide. So he went in carefully.

It was a large cargo ship, it looked older then most of the ships in the hangar, and it didn’t look like a Republic ship. Obi looked around with interest, ‘It will take an hour or two, maybe the Masters will calm down, and they won’t punish me.’

Obi’s body felt drained from energy, he sat down beside the wall; he pulled his knees up to his chest, and put his arms around them. He put his head on his arm just to rest it there a bit, but his eyelashes felt too heavy and they closed to there own accord. He tried to stay awake; his eyelids opened one more time before he fell asleep.


Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master, stood in front the Council, not a full day after he arrived back to the Temple from his last mission, he was known from his suicide mission after his last apprentice betrayed him and the Jedi.

Xanatos de Croin was the past, and needed to stay there for a Jedi, Qui-Gon know this but to lost a boy such a way, whom he loved like his own child was unforgivable. He didn’t like to spend more time in the Temple, where everything reminded him the lost of his Padawan. He know one day he will need to allow to live behind Xanatos and his memories of the boy, but that day didn’t come yet. From his memories his old friend’s, Master Mace Windu’s voice got him out.

“Master Jinn, we have a special mission for you.” Mace voice was stern and firm, but Qui-Gon knew his friend was worried for his well being. There eyes locked for a minute as a confirmation of his well being. Then Mace continued as nothing happened between them. “In Hajnal, the Yama’s fifth moon, there were reported separatist and pirates activity, we sent out two Knights to investigate, they never came back.”

“It is important to you to be masked as a bounty haunter.” add Master Yoda “you have to be careful” Yoda closed his large green eyes like he was in deep conversation with the Force. He nodded with silent agreement, knowing what the Force tell him was needed to be done. Then his eyes snapped open “We need to find out their plans, nothing in the way matter.“ said in his mysterious tone that never meant an easy mission.

For a second there was silence, as everyone was thinking about Yoda’s sentence, then Yoda was the one who broke the silence.

“Now, You have to go.”

Mace stood to escort him down to the port, to met his new ship. In his arm was the mission’s datapad. They were almost at the Council room’s door, when Master Yoda voice stopped them again, his voice was full of concern and warning, which surprised Qui-Gon.

“Master Qui-Gon, you have to be careful .”

“Of course Master Yoda” he bowed his head to the Master as he walked out of the room with Mace at his side. He didn’t heard Yoda’s last whispered sentence.

“I hope . For both you and the child’s sake.” His green long ears drooped. ‘ I hope so.’


Two old friends walked down on the Temple’s really used corridor toward the Jedi Temple’s starship port. They didn’t talk. It wasn’t needed they almost could read in the other’s mind. It was their routine now, to walk down together. They didn’t remember which one of them started but it doesn’t count now.

When they stepped inside the hangar, there were hundreds of ships which waited for their next mission, one of them was an old Correlion cargo ship. It stood not far away from the others, it wasn’t a Republic standard. First it looked more like trash, not a ship, and surely it wouldn’t fly anymore. Hundred inserts and who knows how many other things was on the ship. Qui-Gon looked skeptical because of the ship then to Mace. Who just smiled at him.

“Don’t fret it fly better then as it look like.” It didn’t really ease Qui’s bad feeling and fears, but what could he do. He run his hand thought the ship’s side then stepped on the open platform. “The Force will be with you.”

“The Force will be with you, Mace.” He allowed a half smile as he closed the ship’s door, and went to the coc-pit to make his way towards his next mission. As he moved down the old ships corridor he didn’t notice a small child who was sleeping in one of the dark corners.

The old Correlion cargo ship shacked at once then flew towards the sky, left behind Corusan and the Jedi Temple where someone noticed one of the young initials was missing and started to search the lost youngling.

Master Yoda watched the departure ship. Where two of his most like Padawan flew away to a mission from where maybe neither will come back. But it needed to be down, it was the Force’s wish.


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