By SyberSnake

Chapter 3

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was too tiered to pretend to be perfectly fine. That he left behind the past, and with his last apprentice to sorrow and pain as well was lost. But it wasn1t true. He woke up every morning without really living. And pretend to be a perfect Jedi Master without feeling. He looked in the mirror and watched as his older self look back at him, he didn't look different.

He know as a Jedi he shouldn't allow that his feeling rule his mind and decision. But he just couldn't if he allow them to left him, he will lose the only thing that contact him to Xanatos. And them he will broke.

As the days went to weeks and the weeks to months he pushed everyone away, his ex-Master and his friends. He never come close to the Coruscan or the Temple, expect if he haven't got other possibility. There everything remind him at his lost, and it just hurt too much.

So he went one mission to the other, and now he was here, one of his suicide missions. The other two Knights, who were send before him, was now missing.

Jastu Fray was a middle aged human from Coruscan, he was sent first to this area. His last report come shortly after he exited hiperspace. The Council sent him here to investigate the extremely height bounty-haunter and rebel activity. They wanted to know who stood in the background, and what are they plans.

The other Jedi N'thaik, an older Tweaky who reported a rebel base on Hajnal, the second moon of... But not much later he disappeared as well.

The Council thought a disguise mission would be more effective, and it was Qui-Gon specialty. He masked himself as a headhunter, he hoped he would mix in the population better that way.

He needed to changed his appearance, he shaved his beard and pulled his hair back in a ponytail. He inverted his Jedi clothes to a black rouser and booths. He wear a black sleeveless shirt with a chest armoire. He had his lightsaber in his trouser pocket, and two blasters fixed to his side. As he watched his own reflection, he was satisfied. He doubt anyone would recognize him.

His ship will be out of hiperspace within minutes. He put on a breathing mask which bestrew his mount and nose. He was ready.

He strode toward the cocpit and sat down on the pilot chair. He closed his eyes and let himself slip in to light meditation.

§§§§§ §§§§§ §§§§§ §§§§§


Obi-Wan cracked open his eyes. He was sleepy and tiered, he hoped it wasn't too late. He bothered the Masters enough just with this latest little incident. Master ...will put him to meditate all week or more. He was so damned. He erected his arms before him them he rolled his head around.

The ship lurched and his head hit the wall behind him. His eyes widen the ship moving. His breath caught in his lounge he was in so much trouble. He growled and closed his eyes. And relaxed, he allowed the Force to wash over him, to calm him.

He felt a light nudge thought it, it was like something called him, called him to move and explore. His eyes twinkle mischief. Who was he to go against the will of the Force. When he was on a strange ship who know where. He grinned. Them he carefully stood and looked around the firsts time since he wake, if he was honest with himself he didn't looked much around the when he first come to the shipboard.

It was a old bedraggled ship, he was on a long corridor its side there were some door, maybe rooms or holding cell, Obi wasn't sure. He didn1t see it before, he carefully moved down the corridor. One point of the ship looked more light them the others, it was his goal. He saw a side door of the ship opened as the ship lurched again and with a heavy thud it landed. Obi almost lost his balance at the movement.

The force warmed him to stay in the shadows firsts he wasn't sure why, but them a warrior step out of the ship's cockpit, and moved toward him. Obi felt the man in the Force he was warm and comforting, some why familiar, but he wasn't sure why. The man looked scarring, his face what Obi could see wasn't familiar.

The man walked down the now fully open ramp, as he moved away from Obi and he disappeared in the bright sunlight. He heard voice coming from outside. But he couldn't get out the exact words, so he peaked closer. His eyes watered a bit from the sudden brightness, them he saw again.

The port was full of people of all specie, most of them were armed, and they looked like the man who exit the ship not long ago. There were some men before the ramp with blasters which point right at him. Well not really him, more likely at his travelling company. Who in Obi Wan's mind surely was a Jedi. His aura felt like the Masters at the Temple, while the others were shadows or darker them Obi ever felt. A shiver ran down his back.

He caught one of the last sentences. "…The system record didn't know you, and we didn't like jeopardize like that." He smiled nasty. "So, you will die." He heard the guns hummed as they refill themselves to shut at the Jedi.

Obi Wan's mouth went dry, his ever changing blue-green eyes widen at shire terror. A faint whisper left his lips. "Papa" His voice was small and timid like a frightened child's. He wasn't sure why he said that word, its just come to him, maybe from the Force, he wasn't sure. He frowned in confusion.

The people who watched the scene, the armed man and the Jedi, all looked at him. And he felt small. He saw the Jedi frown at him, and talk at him.

"Boy what are you doing here." The man's voice was deep and sharp, it scared him a bit. And stepped back unconsciousness. "I told you to stay at the cocpit or not." A gently force wave washed over his mind to calm him down.

He looked down at his boots, and mumbled barely audible "Yes father." Them Obi ran back into the ship, and he didn't stopped thither to the cocpit. There he climbed in one of the big chair and collapsed there. His curious now mostly green eyes watched the outside world thought the window.

§§§§§ §§§§§ §§§§§ §§§§§

Qui-Gon watched as the golden-red hair boy sprint back inside the ship, his mind swirled with questions. Who was the boy and how he ended up in his ship? He was sure the boy was an initial, his white and cream colour tunic and shirt was initial cutwork. But Qui-Gon duped anyone know that beside the Jedi. And he felt the ripple in the force just shortly before the boy talked, the boy felt someway familiar. The man who now grinned at him with his yellowish crocked teeth brought him back from his thought.

"Kids he! Don't be angry the kid, just save your life." The man chuckled without humor. "We needed to be cautious. You can stay for now." The man motioned his men to back away.

Qui-Gon turned around to talk the boy, he needed to think their new situation. He couldn't contact the temple if he not want to be found out.

§§§§§ §§§§§ §§§§§ §§§§§

In the palace of Hajnal, a dark hair man stood on the balcony he survey the city. He felt a ripple in the Force, something or someone was calling him, but who he didn't know. His piercing blue eyes looked around a last time. Them turned toward his comelink to supervise if anything happened.


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