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Chapter 1

Jamina Kenobi was a lot of things in her life, a thief, a racer, a soldier and last but not least a head-haunter. She wasn't a saint nor pure evil. She didn't think such a thing existed. In her heart she was a loving mother of her only son.

She was watching her two year old little boy playing on their quarter's floor on Star Station 9, which was in the Outer Rim near the planet Hocus. The little boy stumbled over one of his toys and was now giggling on the floor. She couldn't help but smile at him.

He looked almost nothing like his father. Jamina remembered the man, his dark brown hair and midnight blue eyes. They had just one night together, but she got more then she had expected from it, her little angel. Sometimes she wondered how his father would react if he knew about Obi's existence. But maybe it was that way better if he never knew.

She remembered how she felt when she found out, the man was a Jedi. Not just any Jedi but the man who was sent after the assassin of Yavin's murdered ambassador. Who was no other then Jamina herself. But the Jedi didn't know then, thank God.

Obi had inherited his father’s talent with the Force; his ever-changing eyes were a complete mixture of her own green and the Jedi's blue. His hair was blond like her own, with a hint of red.

She was brought out of her thoughts by something. She didn't know what was it, but something had changed. Her eyes roamed over the small apartment to find the reason of her uneasiness, then stopped on her son, who was silent and he looked like he was listening to something. Then he looked towards the door and started to cry.

Before she could react the door blew out of its frame, she got out her blaster and started to fire, on her yet unknown opponent. She heard Obi screaming behind her. Her heart shrunk because of the fear. But she couldn't go to him, she had to escape as fast as she could, hoping her little one would be ok.


In the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a dark haired Jedi woke up by a little scream in his mind, he looked around to find out what caused the noise, he wasn't sure what had really woken him up. He couldn’t find anything amiss. He felt some disturbance in the Force, but that was all. He laid back to his bed and tried to go back to sleep again.


2 hours later on Star Station 9

Master Mace Windu and his Padawan, K'layo had just arrived on the Station. The Jedi Council was informed of the present of a Force sensitive child. They were the nearest to investigate the existence of this child. It was rare to get a call like that; usually their searcher or other Jedi on mission who represented the cause the child.

Master Windu was skeptic, he didn't feel another force sensitive in the area beside the two of them. As he stepped foot on the station, a 'peacekeeper' welcomed them.

"Thank god you came this fast Master Jedi." Said the man with a sigh; Mace didn't understand why this big relief. It disturbed him a bit.

"In your call you spoke of a child who would be interesting for us." He said as they walked down a side corridor. His answer was only a nod. He saw his company wouldn’t tell him more if he didn't ask for it. "May I ask how you know this child is force sensitive?." It was rare that a 2 year old child would produce such talent yet, so it was almost impossible to tell if they were force sensitive or not if you weren't force sensitive.

His companion only smiled as he beckoned him into a small apartment. The Force screamed its alarm for him to step aside and he did just that. In almost the same moment a metal server crashed to the wall where he had stood just a second before.

He looked down at the floor, he saw a little boy with sea colored eyes and ginger hair. The sleeve of his little tunic was bloodied. He touched the boys mind with the Force and he felt pain, and loneliness, which changed by his touch into confusion and hope. He tried to calm down the boy, as he gave him a Force suggestion sleep.

" Padawan K'layo, look at his midi-chlorian count." His Padawan took it as a sign it was enough to take in the boy as a Jedi. Master Windu turned towards the 'peacekeeper' " We will take the boy. What did you say was his name?"

"Obi-Wan Kenobi"

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