Severus Snape de-aged stories

By Age

Baby (from born to two year old)
  • Innocent Gift, An by Amber Dream

    Due to Voldemort's... insanity, Severus is forced to take an unidentified potion. When the effects of said potion take place, what does Dumbledore do? Send him to the one person he feels he can trust of course.

  • Little Steps by Heather68

    A potions accident turns our middle aged potions master into a baby. Now, Harry is expected to look after young Severus until the potion wears off.

  • Rebirth by  Go You Big Red Fire Engine

    Voldemort discovers a spy in his ranks prior to Halloween 1981 and deals with him accordingly, handing the traitor over to his most trusted Death Eater for execution. However, this does not go exactly to plan and the deserter end up a 6-month-old baby on

  • Return by hawaii5063

    Severus Snape is returned to early childhood in order to save his life. But sometimes what looks simple and straight forward is not what it seems. Nothing in Snape's life is ever easy, is it?

  •  Second Chance by By Animealam

    “Severus!” Albus called through the rocks. He hoped the young wizard was merely blocked from accessing the outside part of the collapse. “Severus, are you all right?”

  • Three Gryffindors and a Baby by Celeste

    An accident in Potions (where else?) turns Snape into an infant. Dumbledore in his glorious wisdom (and because it makes a nice plot) leaves him in the care of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

  Young child (3-8 year old)
    <>With an accident in the Dungeons, Severus is turned into a three year old and Dumbledore requests Sirius and Remus to look after him - there could be trouble! COMPLETE! (3 year old)
  • Purely Coincidental by EmeraldDream

    Harry and Snape are both affected by a potions accident that transforms them into three year olds. (3 year old)

  • Childlike Innocence  by Carlotta Snape

    After a accident involoving a potion, Proffessor Severus Snape, is turned into a child. How will Harry and the rest react. (4 year old)

  • Dark Prince by SyberSnake 

    One day Severus Snape disapperat and the Dark Prince is born. (4 year old)

  • Never Too Late by Rosaleen

    The Hogwarts Headmaster enlists a little help to give Severus and Harry something they've missed. A baby Severus and Harry fic. (~4 year old)

  • Signs of Maturity by Snobo52 

    Severus Snape and Hermione Granger are transformed into children! Harry, Ron, Neville, and a reluctant Draco must take care of the two, who refuse to be separated to make things harder! Thrown rubber duckys and food fights (~4 year old)

  • Burdens Of Childhood, The by Melissa Jooty 

    What connection is there between a missing Potions Master and a prodigious child found wandering the Mojave Desert? The answer will lead Dumbledore and his staff on a quest to protect Voldemort's chosen heir from falling into the hands of darkness... (~5 year old)

  • Memory Found, A by Mystical Dragon 

    When a memory charm is lifted, Severus Snape slowly begins to heal from his past. (~7 year old)

  • Second Chance at Childhood by Solo Chang 

    A potion blows up and Severus shrinks to his younger self. He doesn't remember anything so Dumbledore assigns a family to care for him. Who? (7 year old)

  • A Nick In Time by Tira Nog  

    One morning Severus and Harry wake up as children. Pre-Slash(8 year old)

Young Teen (12 -15)
  • Twelve Again by Dhrelva

    After Professor Snape fails to return from a Death Eater meeting, Hagrid finds a young dark-haired boy who believes the year is still 1968. The victim of an experimental time-reversal potion, young Severus tries to adapt to a changed world. (12 year old)

  • Slytherin Boy by Sombra de Severus

    Severus Snape is striken with a botched Potion, and his life unwinds. He finds that his life becomes entangled with those around him, causing chaos and mayhem at every turn. Anger, confusion, and death at every step.(~14-15)

  • You Can't Go Back by CleopatraVII

    Neville destroys yet another potion, and, after it exploads, Snape is transformed into his teenage self. (14 year old)

  •  Youthing Pains by Rellik

    Harry accidently turns Snape into a fourteen year old, puberty, hormones and all! (14 year old)

  • Beyond Trapped by Slytherin-grl

    An accident in potions class turns the once tall, dark and sinister Professor Snape into a 15-year old boy.

  • My name's Severus by Silverfox1

    15-year-old Draco Malfoy! - 15-year-old Severus Snape! Can Hogwarts cope?

  • Third, The by blowfishissweet 

    After a failed attempt to shrink Percy's ego [there was a potion involved], The Weasley Twins find themselves accompanied by a reluctant third: 15 year old Severus Snape.

  • Turn Back Time by Iani Ancilla 

    A spell cast to annihilate the Boy-Who-Lived ends up hitting a Death Eater turned spy. What will come out of it?

  • War of the Hexes by Black Rose and Emerald Star

    Severus Snape becomes a child. Starts in Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts and includes ideas from lots of people!

16 year old and up
  • Potions Accident by Luana Araceli    

    Severus Snape, caught up in the past, makes a horrible mistake while working on a potion meant to defeat Death Eaters by deaging them until they disappear. He adds a couple of wrong ingredients and spills the potion on himself, and is deaged to a sixteeny.

  • You Don't Belong Here by Hieirulesall 

    When Severus Snape is turned into a sixteenyear old by Voldemort his life is changed drastically. Will anyone accept him? Will he accept himself? And can he find out how to turn himself back? (16year old)

  • Another Chance by Dizzy Wiz Bang 

    An accident in the Potions classroom turns Snape, McGonagall, and Dumbledore into 17 year olds. Flitwick, Sprout, and Hagrid are left to run Hogwarts. Dueling, Quidditch, and dancing. ADMM, SS plays the field!

  • Downside of Aging Potions, The  by ShineMoon

    One minute, he's pouring Aging Potion into a cauldron for a powerful, yet mysterious, potion. The next, Snape is on the floor with robes three sizes to big. Can he learn the oh-so dramatic ways of being 17 again with the help from his favorite Gryffindor

  • Return to Youth by Andil

    Snape must deal with the peculiar aftereffects of a potion gone awry. chap 6 is up! Something else gone wrong?

  • A Teenaged Snape? By Natsuyori

    Snape has been turned back into his teenage self. He now has to go in to hiding with a new look due to Dumbledore's orders. Can he survive now being a Gryffindor and the most pop. kid in school? HGSS

  • When the walls are Falling Down by ManicReversed

    In Harry's sixth year, Severus is dying, to save him he is made 17 again. To make it worse,the war is coming and things are getting crazy; Slash, OOC-ness, Malfoys, weird humor, drugs, angst, insanity, violence & language warnings!

  • Youth Wasted On Young by Dodge-This

    At the fall of Voldemort, his followers are returned to the age they were marked at. Will these new 7th years wreak havok on Hogwarts? Eventual SSHG

  • Unexpected by Seeker

    The Unexpected Series, featuring Sadist!Harry and Masochist!Snape:SLASH (~25 year old)

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