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Dark Prince
By SyberSnake

“Oh Severus, Severus you can’t think really that you will survive this, can you? NOBODY can betray Lord Voldemort!” he yelled while his eyes brightened with red light in the dark room.

A black form of a man was lying in front of his legs. His breathing was very slow and a drop of blood was rolling down the corner of his mouth. His body was very exhausted by several rounds of Crucio and his sight was loosing its focus. But he turned toward the Dark Lord. His voice was heard hoarse when he said:
 “As you think….Father”
A little almost grotesque smile played on his lips. Severus chuckled suddenly in his thin voice, at the sight of Voldemort’s face. His skin paled even more and he lost consciousness.

After some time the torches burn out on the walls as a magical wind goes through the chamber and brings lost memories with it. It’s ended as fast as it began and the torches illuminate the room again. Old memories come back to Dark Lord’ mind about a woman and he can’t see the dark body before him, too lost in his mind.


The proud towers of Hogwarts stand alone in the darkness and illuminate the night sky. You can see an old man in the Headmaster’s office who is watching the Forbidden Forest for a man who never comes back. The new day brings happiness and light to the world except for Albus Dumbledore. His soul is lost in a sea of sadness. Just the clock shows as the time goes. He searched the Forest and the school’s grounds. He hoped he would notice his dark child coming home to him. He just waited and hoped while the morning passed and the day turned to night. He comes out from his thoughts by a soft knock at the door while a crack the door opened and someone comes in. He can hear the rustles of robes and can feel a hand on his shoulder.
“Albus ” said a voice with an unmistakable Scottish accent.
“Albus you need to let him go ” McGonogall’s voice was weakened.
Dumbledore slowly looked away from the Forest and his voice showed all his emotions.
“I can’t do it until there is some hope. I owe him that”
His sad eyes don’t twinkle as usual and reflect all his age.


Between a white sheet a black haired man lays unconscious. His face is unnaturally pale and peaceful; if somebody didn't look close they could miss the sign of the life, the slow rise and fall of his chest.
Tom Riddle alias Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord who was feared by muggle-born and pureblood wizard alike. Now sat beside the man who once serve him and now betrayed him, the man who was his son and now agonize on the bed by him.
He now know Severus Snape was his son, he remembered a black haired and eyed witch, Julia with whom he get brief affaire one times. He cannot phantom why he didn't think the possibility that Severus was his son, the man look alike him. He always like at it in him.
The man, his son now lay on the bed barely alive because of him, he was the Lord of the life and death, and he felled he can't help him.
He looks down the still form. Now as he look closer he get many of his own features/ characteristic. Severus was powerful wizard, with big potential.
Grotesque smiles play on his lips, as a thought came to his mind. 'I murdered my own father and he wanted me dead, what a fine family.' Low chuckles escape him. 'Family tradition'   
His heart bleeds for the lost opportunities. What can he be able to do with the boy with him.  A trained dark wizard, a dark prince. The most powerful weapon of the dark side, he smiled fondly to the idea.
Another idea comes to him. Dark curse, which was developed thousand years before, a permanent de-age curse. Just a powerful dark wizard can cast it and only on other people. The curse was dark, very dark but he wasn't a Dark Lord for nothing. It wasn't useful for him then, but maybe now.
Faint whimpers caught his ear, Severus’ fever grew higher. He frowned. If he tries anything it is the best time for it.
He stood up and places his hand above the still form. He start chant in an ancient language. Faint silver mists show around Severus' body. The mist gets brighter as chant grow louder. Them the light donates. Voldemort stopped the chant, and a light disparate.
Where once Severus Snape lied, the famed Death Eater and spy, now only lay a small boy with black hair and pale skin.
He looks down the small form, and smiled, in his thought lost. He makes his new plan that will end his victory and the old fool, Dumbledore death. He will train the boy and send him back to destroy the old fool. Dumbledore won't be able kill his little traitor, he wasn't be able in the past, and he won't be able now. He smirked. His old enemy will be dead. 'What else need a proud father?' he chuckled. The small form shivered, but he didn't noticed.
He was sure in one thing he won't make the same mistake two times, Severus Snape will serve him, as his servant, his prince and his son, he will make it sure.
The boy balls up himself, and pulled his blanket nearer. From the move his hair lays on his pillow as a halo. 'He looks like an Angel' Voldemort smirked.  'A fallen Angel'

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