Title: Through Other's Fate (Part 2/?)
Summary: A new player appears on the side of the Dark Lord, and Severus is the only one who can find out who he is and what he is after.

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: SS/OMC

Archive: anywhere you like

Rating: R to NC17

Authors notes & Warnings: slash, violence, rape, language, (it will be mpreg), gender-bending Post-HBP

Disclaimer: I do not in any way or fashion own HP or anything else. I'm making no money from this.

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch




Through Other's Fate

Chapter 2

Severus stepped backward instinctively, and then his world went black.


When he woke up, his body felt like it was on fire. He opened his eyes and found himself back in the Grangers' home. He was in the master bedroom, nude. He looked down and saw that he was still in Miss Granger's form: he hadn't changed back yet. He let out a shaky breath.

A faint movement on his right caught his ears and he turned his head. There sat Darien with a smug smile on his face.

"Well, Miss Granger, I see you are awake. We can start our little… session." His malicious blue eyes raked over the nude body like a hunter surveying his prey, making a cold shiver run down Severus' spine. He tried to move away or cover himself: he wanted to run or fight. but he couldn't move and seemed to be pinned by some invisible weight. He heard Darien's chuckle.


The man stood and moved toward him. Severus was far from naïve and knew what would happen next--he'd seen it enough times before. He'd participated often enough in the past that sometimes he didn't think he could live with himself. And he knew why Darien had not yet removed his plain black clothing. With the attacker fully dressed, the helpless victim felt even more vulnerable lying naked. He could also feel the burn in his body and blood of an inhaled aphrodisiac that Darien must have given him while he was unconscious.

Darien sat down on the bed and ran his fingers along the side of the youthful body, causing a warm feeling to spread over Severus. He felt a faint dampness between his legs and his mind reeled. The ecstasy from just the one tiny move was almost too much to bear already, and Severus knew now that he was the victim of another favourite trick. He had brewed the potion many times. It made the victim feel every sensation of the body in a manner ten times stronger than usual, and it translated almost every touch into something intensely sexual. Many of those given the potion turned mad or killed themselves because they couldn't bear to remember their rape as the most incredible sexual experience of their lives. Families and friends of the victims had to watch them suffer the intense guilt.


Darien moved his body above Severus. He started to lick and bite the sensitive flesh of the neck and collarbone, while his right hand wandered down to open his trousers and free his cock.

Severus felt a painful grip on his hips as his body was pulled up from the bed to give Darien better access. Severus turned his head away from the other man's lustful gaze and closed his eyes at the intrusion in his body. There was pain, and then he felt himself adjust to the sudden movement. Granger had been a virgin: he almost laughed out loud at this discovery, although it was not a detail he really wanted to know about any of Potter's friends--and certainly he hadn't wanted to find out this way. He had suffered many ways in his life, both physically and mentally, but being raped as a virgin girl was truly unexpected.


But he soon lost himself in the pleasure as his drugged body unconsciously moved and arched up to meet his attacker's every thrust. It was humiliating how good it felt. If he didn't know about the potion, he was sure he'd feel even worse, as bad as the other victims had. He tried to escape deep within himself, but the sensations were too strong and he couldn't concentrate enough.

He felt the desire build up inside and then pleasure overtook his body as he felt his torturer's release deep inside of him. For a minute he felt dirty and used, although he was grateful that it wasn't Granger herself who had gone through this.

Darien slipped out of his relaxed body and left the room. Severus felt the invisible weights release him. He tried to move, but his body ached as though he'd run for hours. He was tired and his limbs were heavy. He sat up shakily.

He inhaled deeply in an attempt to slow his heart and calm his nerves. He had survived worse than this and he still had a mission to complete. He needed to leave, and he needed to get Granger out of here.

He looked for his clothes and spotted them near the end of the bed. They had been torn to pieces. His wand lay in front of him on the table.


He made his way shakily toward the table. His knees buckled under him, but he reached up and grabbed his wand as he sat on the floor. It felt good and calming in his hand. He transfigured his clothes back together and pulled his robes on. He used the armchair where not so long ago Darien had sat while he pulled on his trousers and boots. He was ready.


He was still in Hermione's body. He spied a clock. 12:04. He had nearly twenty minuets before the Polyjuice wore off. But he had no time to wait. He moved toward the door, listening for any sounds outside. Hearing nothing, he opened the door and went toward the girl's room.


§§§§§ §§§§§§§§§§ §§§§§

Granger was still inside the cupboard, her eyes turned wide with fear and confusion as she saw herself standing outside of it.

"Miss Granger, stay silent and I will release you. I want you to nod your agreement." Severus' words were serious and tired. Hermione nodded, and then felt herself released from the full body-bind. she sighed in relief.


"Who are you?" she whispered at the stranger.

"Why, Miss Know-it-all, you didn't know?" Severus smirked. Hermione's eyes widened: nobody called her a know-it-all to her face, and nobody smirked like that except Professor Snape. Of all the people on earth she would not have thought would help her, not after he'd killed Dumbledore. And yet he was standing before her, in her own body.

"What happened?" she asked. Snape just rolled his… her… his eyes.

"We haven't got time for this. We need to move." He grabbed her wrist and pulled her after him. They stopped before the front door while he listened, then moved toward the end of the street. Hermione looked back and gasped--the Dark mark was above her parents' house. The world turned around her. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again she was in a park with the noise of cars nearby. There were several benches, and street lamps lit the side of the road.

"Now we need to talk," said Snape behind her. She turned around to look at his eyes and seek answers for the night's events.

"Let's talk, then," she said bravely. To her astonishment, he laughed. He was still in her body, but it was strange to think of him laughing. He sat down on the nearby bench and indicated for her to sit as well.

She smiled, and sat down next to him.


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