Title: Through other's fate

Post-HBP A new player appear on the side of the Dark Lord. And Severus is the only one who can find out who he is and what he is after. OMC/SS MPREG Slash

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: SS/OMC

Archive: anywhere you like

Rating: R to NC17

Part: 1/?

Authors notes & Warnings: slash, violence, rape, language, (it will be mpreg), Post-HBP

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway or fashion own HP or anything else. I'm making no money from this.

Through other's fate

Chapter 1

Severus sat and watched his fellow Death Eaters. After nearly two decades with Albus as his only protector, his mentor--the only real father figure he had ever known--he was again alone. The loss pained him terribly, but he had to stay here and honor Albus' wish and sacrifice. He would remain and continue his work as a spy, destroying the Dark Lord's side from within.


Not that he had much choice in the matter, now that all of the Wizarding world believed he was truly one of Voldemort's Death Eaters and the man who murdered Albus Dumbledore. It didn't matter what he'd done for them, for the Order. All that would be forgotten because their Gryffindor minds couldn't see the difficult truth. He'd loved Albus, but the old fool is… was too much a Gryffindor sometimes. He tended to forget that things were not all black and white, that there were many shadowy shades of grey and that he, Severus, belonged in the shadows.

Without Albus' protection, they could despise him freely, and with Albus' blood on his hands, they wanted him dead. Sometimes, he wanted to die himself. But he was not a coward. His Slytherin pride and survival instincts were stronger than his depression. He hadn't lived through the problems with his father, his school years, and Voldemort just to take his own life. He was no self-sacrificing Gryffindor--yet.

Lucius, after his escape from Azkaban, was not pleased--to say the least--when he found out that his only son had been given a suicide mission. If there was anything a Malfoy loved more than power, it was their own family. After losing his position as the Dark Lord's right hand man and nearly losing Draco, Lucius finally saw the 'light.' He took his family and disappeared, God alone knew where.

The new man at the Dark Lord's side was called Darien. He was charming and deadly, reminding Severus of the old Voldemort, the man he had been before the infant Harry Potter defeated him: it didn't bode well with Severus at all. Darien was tall and strong, as large as Crabbe or Goyle, but muscular where those two were simply heavy. He had brains in addition to physical power and presence. He was likely in his late thirties and had piercing blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

Darien was the leader of an elite group full of murderers like the Lestranges and Macnair. They were the Dark Lord's assassins, eliminating at his command--Ministry officials, aurors, anyone on Voldemort's black list. They were effective and brutal. Severus never saw them work, but he knew what Bellatrix and Macnair were capable of.

Severus saw several of the elite, drunk and talking on the other side of the room. If they noticed him, they didn't bother him. He was pretending to read a book and everyone knew not to bother him at such times.

He used one of his own spells to spy on them. He'd created it back and school to spy on the Marauders. He caught Bella's maniacal laugh. She'd never been sane, but Azkaban had taken the last vestiges of her mind.

"I want to see Potter's face when he finds out."

Find out what? I have faith in you, Bella. You can't keep a secret--you'll tell them, and in doing so you'll tell me. He could have laughed aloud, but what he heard made the blood freeze in his veins.

"I'm sure his mudblood friend will be greatly entertaining."

Before Bellatrix had finished her sentence, Severus was out of his chair. As quick as he was, he could move and attract very little attention.

As soon as he was outside of Riddle's home, he Apparated to Red Road, Northampton. Severus hoped that he wasn't too late and could save the girl. He'd been here only once before, to retrieve the girl when she'd first got her Hogwarts letter. That was almost seven years ago--how time flew--but the place hadn't changed. He recognised the two-story building with the Grangers' door-plate that listed them as dentists next to the main entrance. He rushed toward the house.

He heard the faint popping sound of someone else Apparating near the road. He had to hurry--had to get the Grangers out immediately. With a quick 'Alohomora!' he was inside, and rushed upstairs to the bedrooms. There were two doors on each side of the hallway.

He opened the doors on the left first. One was a bathroom and the other looked like it was the Master Bedroom: both were empty. As he reached for the first door on the right, he heard the front door opening.

He was out of time! If the girl was here, there was no time to get her out.

The first room was empty anyway, although it looked like a guest room. The last one had to be the girl's room.

He heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He opened the last door and stepped into the room: the girl was here.

Hermione slept peacefully on her bed. Severus moved toward her, placing a Silencing Charm and a full-body bind. Her eyes snapped open at the first spell, but she could neither speak nor move. Severus knelt beside her bed.



"Listen, Miss Granger," he hissed. "You are in grave danger and I am here to help you. They are already in the house, so I can't bring you out. I will have to hide you in the linen closet and you'd best pray to whatever god you believe in not to be found." With that, he picked up her immobile body and pushed it in amongst a pile of sheets. Before he closed the door, he pulled a hair from her head.

Now he needed to get away without being seen, and his escape route was cut off by Death Eaters. The house was warded, so he could not Apparate away. Could he really be reduced to climbing out the window, and was it possible to do so without being seen? Not likely.

He removed his cloak and pulled out a flash of Polyjuice Potion, quickly adding the girl's hair. They would believe that he was Hermione and come after him accordingly. He could escape from the house and they wouldn't think to search it as they would believe their quarry flown.

He felt his body changing and now his clothes were far too large. A quick transfiguration and they fit again. He ran toward the window and climbed out. His foot slipped, then he lost his handhold and fell onto the grass. Pain shot through his body and he shut his eyes in an attempt to close it out.

"Stupefy!" roared a male voice. He opened his eyes in time to see the red light flashing from the window of the room he'd just left. He rolled away from the hex just before it hit.

"Expelliarmus!" he shouted. The man at the window was thrown backward into the figure behind him--two down with one spell. He got to his feet and started to run. He only needed to get one street over and he could Apparate away. He was almost there…

He heard running footsteps behind him. Hexes and curses flew around him. He deflected half of them and avoided the rest. If he got to the corner, he'd be out of this mess.

He turned and ran straight into a man. Not just any man, but Darien himself.


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