Title: One Drunken Night

Author: SyberSnake

Beta: unbetad yet


Chapter 6

Severus looked up and around, he felt like someone watching him,, the fain hair on his neck and arm stood up, his dark gaze roamed over his bathroom. His thin frame shuddered despite the warm shower.

If he closed his eyes or thought hard enough he could almost feel phantom fingers from his memory on his body, running up his side, caressing his thigh, touch  him. He shuddered again, he felt a bit sick as well. He could not phantom why this man wanted him, if just have attacked him he could understand, he was not the most popular man in Hogwarts, or the Wizarding World. Lot of people thought he was a Death Eater who just fooled Dumbledor, who just turned side because he was frighten for his life. But who would attack him that way, he closed his eyes, he could not even think about it, he needed to came clear with what happened. It was a rape, he knew it, he was not sure if this man raped his body by taking him against his wish or raped his mind by destroying the memories of last night or both. He was not sure which one he would like to choice, maybe the mind rape  would not be so bad, so then his child would not be the product of a rape.

Severus knew he could have aborted it, he could have if he wanted, but it never occurred his thought as a solution to his correct problem, the thought to abort it, to kill it felt him dread. Severus hand moved unconsciously on his stomach, where his child layed inside him. He could not help but smile he always wanted a family, a child or more, he dreamed about it so many time and now he have it, maybe not the way he wanted it, how he dreamed it but it did not mattered. One more of  his dream was broken, who count anyway, so many of his dream and wish were lost to him, were soiled by others’ hand, by his own he did not dare to dream anymore, but he knew he will keep this baby, his baby and he won’t let anyone to take away and destroy his new family. His ink black eyes flashed in determination, he was a Slytherin and he will do anything in  his power to keep it.

He looked up and his gaze settled on his mirror where he could see his reflection, his skin was pale expect his hands and face where it have a bit of yellowish colour from the potions’ fume. His tooth were croaked and his hair grew too long over the mouths, his nose a bit long and hooked, his body to skinny and bonny. He will need to change that for his unborn child.

But he have other problem at the moment, he needed to find out who attacked him, and why. Maybe the why was not even reverent, he could think up enough reason, for example revenge. He swore at Merlin he will find out who had been it.

He shout off the water, steeped outside the shower cabin and pulled around him a soft white towel. In this near silent he could hear Lupin moving around Severus’ living room.

Severus would not say it out loud but he was grateful for the company, even if it was the werewolf. Although they did not like each other much, but he knew Lupin was a honourable man, who will keep his word and help him find his attacker and will protect him over his own safety. Not that he, Severus could not protect himself, but the thought that someone will protect him, them  if you count his unborn child as well, it felt him with warmth and safety, he felt like he count for someone. He snored it was not a feeling he usually associated with  the present of a Griffendor. He stepped over the side-door which laid to his bedroom so he could dress.



When Severus emerged from his bedroom, he wear his usually black robes, his face was paler them usually, his hair was a bit wet, but he stood tall and strong, like the last night never happened, but Remus knew he could smell the other man’s emotions, his fear, his anger, his hurt, his confusion. His wolf whined in his mind, Remus never felt this close his wolf if it was not full moan. He wanted to take Severus in his arm, to protect him, to keep him safe, to never allow him anywhere alone. His wolf urged him to take the dark  hair Slytherin into bad, and not just in platonic way. Remus shack his head to clear it from the mental picture his wolf created. For Merlin shake what was his problem, Severus was just raped and he want to take him, even force if he did not want it. No. No he screamed in his mind. No we will wait and trie to… to what court him, befriend him, dominat him ,mate him. He heard Severus voice calling him he looked up and his yellowish eyes meet Severus black ones.


“I asked if we can start the investigation?” snarled Severus.

“Yes, of course.”

“We should start where you found me, and follow the clues from there.”  Remus nodded and moved toward Severus’ chamber’s front-door, he opened it and looked around, the place he found Severus laying on the floor was not even 5 feet away from where they stood now.

“I found you before that statue.”


“How so?”

“You really that stupid, Lupin.” Said Severus while rolled his eyes I annoyance. “Who ever was knew where are my rooms. Anything else?” 

“Yes, I remember smelling something familiar, I could not pin point it exactly whom but if I smell it again I will recognize it, him.”

Severus dark eyes wandered around the secluded corridor, his eyes stopped on one of the painting in the far end of the corridor, them they moved toward the spot he was found. He have a shaky memory of wakening up on a cold floor, the pain, the cold, but nothing else.

Lupin go ask around between the portrays if they saw anything.”

Okay, and what about you?”

“I will look for magical signatures.” With that Severus stepped closer to the statue and pulled out his wand, Remus watched him for a second before heading toward the portrays.



Severus pulled out his wand and concentrated to recall some of the charmes and spell he learned in his youth.

Adoleo” this spell was one of that the Aurors’ use usually, it collect a smell from the air and analyse it. A scroll apparent out of the thin air and world start to form on it. Severus watched as it listed, some poiton ingredients mixed with male sweat and smell of the alcohol, and blood it was his smell, he was sure. Although the smell of the alcohol puzzled him a bit. The next he could identified as Lupin, this smell was newer, more vivid them the first, it was the smell of sweat, alcohol, grass and chocolate. But the third puzzle him, there was the smell of a man, alcohol, sex, blood, panic, anger, lust. All smell became unique when they mixed with someone’s sweat, that way he, Severus can identify the man, of course first he needed to find that man first. It will no use for him, only just for verification. He rolled up the paper and put it in his pocket. And cast the next incantation.

Verificum Subscriptio.” This spell was not entirely light magic, it sail near to dark magic. It was also used mainly by Aurors. It helped to identify once magical signature. A paper apparent again, brown ink started to write, the ink colour could show lot of think, what House the people belong (red for Gryffendor, green for Slytherins, yellow for Hufflepuf, and blue for Ravencrow), there are colour for magical creatur blood as well. This shadow of brown ink writed down:  Gryffendor, werewolf, 30-ish, early 40-ish, that would be Lupin. Then the pen stopped to move after it. Severus take the paper and rolled it up. Someone destroyed the signatures around the corridor.

He stood up and summoned the Bloody Baron. Evoco Lord Baron.” He did not needed to wait for long for the Slytherin House’s ghost.

“How may I help you, Severus?” asked in his fey voice.

“Baron, I need your and the other ghost’s help, someone attacked me last night, and obviliat my memories it.” The Baron looked mad, how their someone attack one of Hogwarts own child between its hollow halls.

“We will ask  around the portrays and house-elfs, and report back.” With that the ghost left thought the ceiling. Severus heard the closing footsteps.

“What have you found out Lupin?”

Not much the paintings did not notice anyone on the corridor after you left, it was about 7.”

Mhm, it mean our man either used an invisible potion or an invisible cloaks, either way he was reach or a member of an old family. If he could afforded to buy one of the two.”

“Could not he made the potion himself?”

“No, it is too complex to make, almost as hard as to brew the Wolfsbain.”


“We can’t find out from hear anything new, the Baron will contact us if he have news. It’s time to ask around between the guest as well. Maybe someone see something.”



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