Title: The Game of Destiny

Pairing: SS/HG

Rating: NC-17

Author: Syber Snake

Summery: "Well, well Miss Granger it seems to me, you have begun to understand that I'm a being of the darkness. Are you afraid now?" said Snape. You will like it, I hope. I'm waiting for reviews. There is a little vampirism.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or anything that is mentioned in the books

Thanks for my Beta: April

‘’ thoughts

“” speech

The Game of Destiny: Part 2

On Monday night the most powerful locking charm in the wizarding world ensured the privacy of Professor Severus Snape’s chamber. He used it just a very few times because he had to be available in the case of emergency and it would even cost Dumbledore a half an hour to dissolve it. But this was one of the special occasions without a doubt.

To use this charm was one of the advantages of his special heritage. Like that he could see in the darkness and move without noises as a vampire, the fastest predator in the world. But he could stand the sunlight and he didn’t need blood to survive. But the most enjoyable for him in it, was to get horror in the heart of the little troublemaker brats when he caught them without warning.

‘How ironic that the rumours about me are so near to the truth.’ he screwed up his mouth so that it was almost similar to a smile and with this thought in his mind he went to the bed.

But the dreams didn't come and he just turned around on his king sized bed without being able to sleep a bit. At last, when the clock showed midnight, he decided to do the only thing acceptable in such a situation. He pulled away his covers and put on his gown because his silk black boxers in which he usually slept didn’t save him from the chilly air of the dungeon. Then he shuffled to his favourite armchair and he settled himself in it with knees pulled up to his chest. With only one wand waving a glass of hot milk appeared in his hand.

‘I would dare to bet people think that I like the firewhisky. Yeak. But every Poiton Master knows that milk stimulates the grey matter, for Merlin shake and I’m a bloody good one of them. Maybe it comes from my dared, unfair big grown old bat of dungeon image.’ He shook his head to escape from his sorrowful thoughts and took a sip of his drink.

He felt bitterness deep inside of his soul because he never had had the possibility to show his true nature and own personality to the others. He not even was sure if he remembered at all who he was in the reality. But he never would admit it aloud.

His young body seemed peaceful in the light of the fireplace but his soul and mind were full of questions and worry.

“Fine I just have to go think over everything, analyze the events of this 2 days and find a solution. The main question is…What the hell is going here?” he started to loose his temper. But he can't help but fell frustrated, he started to lose his grip on the situation bit by bit.

“And now I’m speaking to myself, it’s just wonderful.” He rolled his eyes. Then closed them and started to replay the last two-days’ strange events. The pictures of the odd episodes overwhelmed his mind.

Flash back, POV Severus Snape

Yesterday was the fine sunny day for the Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor Quidditch game. He lost himself in the game; he liked playing this game so much it sometimes hurt not to play himself as well. He snarled as paid attention to the tricks of Gryffindor. Of course the little brats played dirty and it never hurt studying the enemy especially if it was not illegal.

Once he felt somebody’s presence on the seat next to him. Somebody was sitting very close to him. Their thighs almost touched. He felt the body heat and breath come closer him inch by inch.

He turned his head very slowly with a ‘get off me’ expression on his face, he almost snarled. But when he saw the neon yellow hair of Tonks he just wanted move away from her by an involuntary reflex. The girl was worse than Longbottom on his worst day. He just didn't understand how she could be an auror and defence instructor of all people.

But it was impossible as he moved backward. He pressed to another body.

He felt like he was in a trap. The worse of it was that other person was not other than Trelawney. He stood up suddenly by the fear that one of his nightmares came true. He hurried away his robe billowing after him like always.

When he could be relief another unnatural image raced to his view; Ginny Weasley on her broom sending him a kiss. His mind screamed 'What the hell it's going here!' He froze on that spot for a moment as if he would have hallucinated then he continued his rut to his safe dungeon. He did not even noticed that a pair of twinkling blue eye behind his half moon glasses which observing him knowing.

‘Today! Today wasn’t better at all. The classes were terrible. All the little chits behaved as if ….well, well like.’ Severus wasn't really sure how. But they just stared at him and not even reacted when he started shouting with them … like hormonal teenagers did with Lockhart or they drunk some aphrodisiacs.

‘Oh no. What could cause this? It’s possible somebody cursed me all Hogwarts or what? No I would have noticed that, wouldn’t I? So what happened then?’

At lunch he just wanted shun every risky situation so he was staring at his plate all time but it seemed impossible avoid the expression on the face of McGongall. She was sitting on the other side of Dumbledore. She looked at him like a cat that had spotted her new prey. Because of the last days his mind was full of very, very bad mental images; his moon white skin paled visibly. Only all of his years as spy helped him not to throw up his lunch in front of everyone.

Then he heard Albus' voice full of amusement; “Are you alright, my boy? You look a bit pale. You would need to care yourself better.”

“You don’t need to worry about me and if you’ll excuse me, I have another branch of dunderheads to teach.” He snarled and turned his way to go to his last class of the day.

It was the seventh years Gryffindor-Slytherin double potions’ class. He stormed through the door and suddenly froze the air in the classroom. In that minute when he wrote magically at the board the property of a healing potion what the students had to prepare a disappointed woman voice clove over.

“But this is not an advanced potion. Even a second year can make it, sir.” Of all people the know-it-all Granger has to open her mouth.

“I’m not remembering that I asked your opinion about what I teach and if I will need suggestions about my teaching method, I assume you would be the last whom I will ask, Miss Granger.” Severus slapped back putting his hands on her table and leant towards her.

His intense jet black eyes met hers chocolate brown.

“And 15 points from Gryffindor for your inconvenience and another 15 points for your arrogance. Am I clear Miss Granger?” he whispered in his best deathly voice.

“Yes, sir.” She replied while her cheeks reddened by the anger or shame. You can't tell that with a Gryffindors. Before he sit down he scanned the classroom with his arms crossed on his chest and added

“Otherwise there are some students,” his gaze stopped on Neville Longbottom and continued with a snarl on his face “who would need repeat from the basic level.”

‘I would not like see Hogwarts in pieces at the end of the day. This is the safest potion to make.’ he thought.

“Start it, now.”

After an half an hour later he noticed that he was observing Miss Granger every movement; her face when she was concentrating on the next step of the work, her small hands while she picked up the right ingredient, her beautiful lips which moved in silence as she mumbled the instructions to herself.

‘I just want to be sure that she isn’t helping to Longbottom. Yes.’ he assured himself.

Then he started to walk between the tables. But his gaze always wandered to her. ‘The little know-it-all thinks she is very smart but she is just wasting her talent on her friends, as she calls them.’

He stopped very close behind her, he could smell her shampoo, feel the hot radiating from her body and her trembling when she noticed his closeness.

‘But she is very passionate in the learning and can stand up for herself. Whether how passionate is she in the…’ he never could finish this thought by the explosion of Neville's cauldron.

Professor Snape and the students who were near the explosion hit the floor with a loud bang. When he opened his eyes saw a girl still lying on the floor. Her body press up to his, his mouth went dry.

“Hermione.” He whispered hoarsely while he put his right hand to the scar on her temple to stop the bleeding.

“Potter, call Madam Pomfrey. Everyone else out. Now.” he roared.

He couldn’t use magic when the room was full with an unknown potion. Madam Pomfrey arrived with an extraordinary speed and attended her patient. He stood on the door watching them and something warm sensation what he never had experienced before this overwhelmed his soul when he looked in her eyes.

‘This is ridiculous. She is just a student.’ He stormed to his private chambers with this thought.

Just when he wanted to clench his fist he felt the pain by a deep scar on his right palm. It was red with his own and Hermione's blood.

End of Flash Back

“The only one responsible for events is Albus Dumbledore. I always said that the Longbottom kid some day would kill somebody by his blundering. I could bet if I give him the recipe for the pudding he would explode it too. I never have lost a student and I don’t intend to start now. Well, I sometimes wanted to see them die slowly by my bare hands, but this is another thing. I would have had a good reason.” He said angrily for himself in his exhausted voice.

The sleep he waited so much for easily relaxed his system. The last thoughts were that:

‘She could be dead. I can’t leave her die. She has beautiful, warm brown eyes.’

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