Title: The Game of Destiny

Pairing: SS/HG

Rating: NC-17

Author: Syber Snake

Summery: "Well, well Miss Granger it seems to me, you have begun to understand that I'm a being of the darkness. Are you afraid now?" - said Snape. You will like it, I hope. I'm waiting for reviews. There are a little vampirism.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or anything that is mentioned in the books

Thanks for my Betas: April, and Stormy

The Game of Destiny

On Saturday morning the sun rose behind the Forbidden Forest. Nobody guessed it would be a very special day for one people at Hogwarts. It was Professor Snape’s 39th birthday. He had always hated these kinds of anniversaries. That was because he has never had a good memory about them.

When he got up that morning, he was in a very bad mood. While his black form hurried through the corridors, the air around him radiated ‘it’s dangerous to be near him’. His scowl was worse than a Crucio.

“How I hate these little brats … and the entire world” he murmured.

The students ran out of his way except for one girl who was reading a hard book, something about ‘Curses interference with Potions’.

Hermione Granger was that girl, who was reading from the evening before without a break. When her clock said it’s time to have breakfast, she just opened her wardrobe picked out the first thing and got dressed. In front of the Great Hall, she was waiting her friends when she felt something hard chocking her body. She lost her balance and felt the pain in her ass when she hit the ground. She looked up and saw the unique black robe and the very intensive black eyes glaring at her.

“Professor Snape.”

She paled and when he helped her up; she couldn’t stop herself from touching his muscular arm.

“Miss Granger” he shouted “30 points from Gryffindor for your inattentive behaviour and disrespect. And 20 points because I can see your…”

‘Granger has breasts! And what wonderful breasts they are. What am I thinking for Merlin sake!’

“For your improper costume” continued after a small break.

Her eyes followed his gaze. Her Professor had a full view of her breasts because her white blouse was buttoned up badly.

“Oh my God” – she whispered and she blushed an extremely bright shade of red.

A voice in her mind shouted ‘Run, run away’ but her body wouldn’t move. When their eyes met once again, then she heard:

“Miss Granger, if you don’t want to have detention this weekend you should go away. Now!”

‘A detention with you alone in the darkness of the dungeon… It sounds good. I can imagine some kind of punishment…’ she shivered at the thought. ‘No, what am I thinking. Bad girl.’

“NO…I…I’m going” and she rushed away.

He saw her leaving so much more confused than he was. This little interlude hadn‘t helped with his mood. Severus Snape hated this emotion; in the reality he hated all of the emotions. It’s a sign of weakness and that’s too risky in his role as a spy.

At the end of the day, nobody was stupid enough to cross in their dreaded Potion Master’s way. None of the teachers dared say a word in the 10 meters surrounding him. I guess even The Dark Lord felt it was not a good day to summon him. When he deducted other 20 points from his own house just because one little first year’s Slytherin girl had a teddy bear in her arms while she read in the common room, he felt in his bones that The Headmaster would call him for a little chat. And he was right.

‘But why, why can’t that insufferable old man leave me alone? I want too much? Just a word without the red eyed monster, the white bread coat, and those ugly brats who people like to call children. ’

He let out the breath he didn’t know he had been holding and stepped inside the Headmaster’s office.

“Good evening! Would you like Lemon Drops?” asked Albus Dumbledore in greeting him.

‘Oh, no it’s that damned twinkle. It never signifies anything good.’

“No thanks.” Professor Snape refused it with an unreadable face.

“Severus, how are you today?”

‘What do you think? Why does your precious house have -100 points, because I’m in such a wonderful mood? You damn fool.’

“I’m fine,” He said aloud at last.

“Happy birthday, my boy!” Said the older man.

“I’m not a boy and at least of all I’m not yours,” He whispered in a very low and dangerous voice with a slightly childish pout on his face.

Dumbledore stood up and slowly walked to the back of Severus’s chair and put his hand on the younger man’s shoulder. He waved the wand in his free hand twice and a mirror appeared in front of the Potion Master which dissolved the most perfect glamour within a moment. In the reflection the normally bitter Professor Snape could see his 18-year-old self. His form was tall and thin like usual and he had marble, almost translucent white skin that hadn’t change during the years. But now he had a silky night black hair, which fell around his young face like a defensive curtain. However his terrible smirk was now a darkly sexy gesture, in his eyes you could see the never ending sadness and sense of hopelessness.

“You are a young man, Severus, all the life is before you. There are so many wonderful things in the world, when your heart is beating so hard when you look into the beautiful eyes of your love that you almost faint, dreams of having your own family… ”

‘Sure. As you say! A vampire, who is an Ex-Death Eater, would have a sunny future, just not for me’ – he thought sarcastically.

“I saw too many things Albus, too many.” Cut the monologue of the other man, while he lowered his gaze to his lap like a student who was sent to the Headmaster for detention.

“You will see how many surprises are waiting for you.” ‘Soon my boy.’ thought Dumbledore, while he sat in his chair, rebuilding the glamour, and his eyes were twinkling more than ever in his 162 years.

“Relax a bit Severus. You are dismissed now.”

But when Snape touched the knob he heard the Headmaster’s voice once more.

“The deducted points are given back all the houses. Have a good night!”

Severus never turned back, so he didn’t see Albus smile. He went straight to his private chambers smirking at the thought of ‘How manipulative the old goat was, he can always make feel me like an emotional fool.’

And he can only suspect how manipulative Albus Dumbledore was in the reality.

“This wasn’t the proper time. If he read this book now, he would just close the gates of the dungeon and never come out into the light. No. I have to give him this possibility, Fawkes, even if he doesn’t want it. He will be happy and thankful at the end. I’m sure of it,” Albus said to his pet stroking its head. And he put the book with the title; ‘Experiences of a vampire: likes, myth, or truth’ in his desk.

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