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Stories by Title

Achilles by Mystic

Even the most seemingly indestructible men will break with the right incentive and know how...even Jack O'Neill


Everything To Those Who Wait by Freedom24

After escaping captivity, SG-1 has no memories of what they went through. Daniel becomes concerned about Jack's health, while Jack makes a startling discovery


In The Company Of Men by tejas

The NID 'failed' to destroy the quantum mirror. SG1 do a little research with it and learn what might have happened had Nirrti come in ships before the SGC got off the ground


Quirk Of Fate by Mystic

Jack's in the wrong place at the wrong time... or is he?


The Magic Of Miniskirts (Or Is It MiniTunics?) by Kata Avalon

A secret mission is successfully fulfilled. Teal'c decides he's waited long enough


The Marriage Planet by Caroline Mullen

What happens when inhibitions are lowered and dreams are fulfilled


Three Men And Two Babies by Anne Isabelle

Jack and Daniel get pregnant