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Changes by Annie

How would the SGC deal with a downsized Jack O'Neill?


Changes2 The Briefing Room

Changes3 The VIP Suite


Acting One's Age by gothangelgirl

Ruins found on a new planet contain artifacts predating the current knowledge of the Ancients. But when Jack and Daniel accidentally activate an alien device their co-workers at the SGC will see a whole new side of the infamous foursome known as SG-1.


Brothers by Orrymain and Claudia



Child's Play by Hawk Stout

Jack, Daniel, and Sam are turned into children and are thrown into grand adventures, captured by Apophis, becoming official members of an Unas tribe, meeting Giant Mutant Carpenter ants, and plotting against the bad guys


Damnit Daniel! by sg1-lightning

sg1 find a mysterious artefact but when Daniel turns it on the SGC must cope with the antics of three seven year old children, WARNING CHILD ABUSE


He'll be the death of us all by SGCFan4ever

It was supposed to be a normal mission, explore the planet, learn a few things, but since when has any mission for SG1 been normal? But they are in for biggest surprise of their life, Jack is no more a threeyearold takes his place.


Jonathan by Cheekypoo

Dr. Mackenzie and Colonel Simmons do some testing on Jack which leads to some weird consequences


Little Children by KaraMeL


Little Kid Diplomacy by Jingles

While SG-1 is on a mission Teal'c finds he has his hands full with three small bundles of energy.


Not quite SG1 by SGCFan4ever

What happens when SG1 one arrive home as fouryearolds? And the real SG1 might still be out there? What will the SGC do with the children? And if the real SG1 ever comes home, how will this change their lives?


Past, Present & Future by LetitiaRichards

Life is full of surprises: some we can take in our stride, while others are much harder to bear.


Rascals by TVsweetheart2

Inspired by the Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Rascals. Not your average cliche, though. On an unnamed planet, an intense storm brews. As our favorite team departs for Earth, they are transformed. SamJack romance with a bit of action and adventure jessi_toth


The Wisdom of Youth by DragonChaos

SG1 are investigating a planet when a crystal transforms them into teenagers. JS shippy goodness. Rated T for safety. jessi_toth


Transposition by Alanna . jessi_toth