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Fan fictions where Jack and Cassy as father –daughter or their friendship portrayed

Crazy Like a Fox by Mara Greengrass

Cassandra Fraiser has some questions for Jack.


Family Secrets by zeilfanaat

Cassie is at the SGC, and Janet and Jack do their best to keep the rest of SG-1 in the dark as to their language abilities. Sequel of "Homework Secrets


Homework Secrets by zeilfanaat

Janet comes home and discovers just what Jack and Cassie have been up to.


Living Through it by gatenut

Jack must see Cassie after Janet's death. Does she blame him for her Mother's death.


Lonesome Road By Vicky Ocean

Their lives in flux, Jack and Cassie spend their annual father-figure/daughter-figure weekend in Denver.


Requests by Becky


Shades of Friendship by Adalia Zandra

The fallout from the events of Shades of Grey.


The Coldest of Hearts by Jackie O'Neill Nut

How can a beautiful day go so wrong?


The Dangers of Whipped Cream by Gatenut


The Road Trip by blvdgir

On a field trip, Cassandra Frasier and John O'Neill meet someone from SG1's past. Together they must embark on the ultimate road trip with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance.