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CrossGate at
Looking for all of the best Stargate Crossover stories . . .

Good Jack O'Neill stories
Good stories about Jack O'Neill. You know they're hard to find.
All of these stories have really nice authors to, that need reviews.

Great Long Stargate SG 1 Stories
A C2 dedicated to those extra long Stargate SG 1 stories that we all love.
Complete Campers story added in order regardless of individual story size

 MacGate: Stargate SG1 x MacGyver
A Jack O'Neill who is Angus MacGyver in hiding, Jack and Mac as cousins or brothers.
Or maybe Jacks clone has taken the name MacGyver.
More to find at MacGate see forum or my userprofil for the url and at Teri's CrossGate. 

Mini Jack
This is for all those wonderful, but rare, fics out there that focus,
or talk about, Jack O'Neill's teenage clone from 'Fragile Balance'.

Smart Jack
Here are the stories where we see how intelligent Jack O'Neill really is..

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