SG de-aged challenge

  1. Somebody - maybe N.I.D. - want to take out Jack - maybe revenge. They inject him with that drug from the… which made the injected person younger and delete their memories. They didn't want to kill him - maybe in a hope they will be able to use him in the future: the ancient gene or knowledge or black mail material…. But Jack didn't lost his skills - fighting, maybe technical skills - he managed to escape, and try to hid in one of the bigger city with his kidnapper after him. His half brother or cousin MacGyver get a message from the Air Force that Jack died or went M.I.A. or something. He start to investigation, he maybe snake in the SGC and meet with Jack's team or Hammond.

  2. One of the missions went wrong and Jack was left behind. He was hit by a Jaffa's staff weapon and was pursuit died.
    - A God of plays or games captured him. The god has an arena and he force his prisoners to fight for life or death. There could be free warriors as well who want to try themselves out or to prove their worth. Jack becomes the Champion but he didn't want to fight. Maybe he save some kids life and the god black mail him with the child or other children life. - The story could be slash, mpreg, het or gen. DE-age if the champion's reward is the youth. The team won't come across him for years, for example some Toak'ra mission the gate to this world. Will they recognize him, How they will react? Will they able to rescue him and his ward/family.
    - Or the god of youth made up his army from his captured warriors (deaged and re-programmed) Jack is in his usually skeptic self, inspite of his lost memories. He feel there is more, with his friend(s) he snake in the castle closed part where they discover the mind-wiping and deaging machine. They manage to throw over the God and start a revolution or something.

  3. De-aged story the whole team is de-aged - expect Teal'c he isn't there - impend of time line who is there Jack, Daniel, Sam and Jonas/Cameron/or nobody. They were captured and the God want to keep them as a pet and something. He de-aged them but they managed to escape. They live in the woods. Some times later - weeks, mounts or years your choose. Someone find them: Jacob is on Toak'ra mission or Bratac or some random SG team. How will they cope? Who will be their guardian? The story starts here or end? Can they change back?

  4. Daniel touch something he shouldn't and Jack pay for it.
    - Jack will be de-aged -it couldn't be reversed - Up to you if he have his memory or not. Who will rise Jack again? (I would like to see one where not one of his team member. And you should explain why. For example they are busy with their work and they couldn't take in a small child or just didn't want. I think it would be interesting if he would be rise by Hammond or Janet or one of the other teams leader or a canon character.)
    - Maybe de-aged, and ancient gene when Daniel touch something a beam hit Jack which vitalize his ancient powers.

  5. I always wondered what would have happened if mini-Jack is the really Jack O'Neill. What would have happened with him, would they have let him stay with SG1 or SGC at all. How others would have treated him? How would have his life  and the galaxy fate changed?

  6. While both the Jaffa and the Toak'ra on the alpha site, jack got a message he was withdraw from his position as 2IC of SGC. The new man is his old black ops CO who now a General. They have a bad past? What will it cause to Jack? Jack will be called back to a newly formed black ops team which will haunt down the Goaulds. - maybe de-aged by the drug without the memory loss.

  7. Everything change, the original SG1 gone, Sam built her normal life, Daniel gone to Atlantis and Teal'c to his Jaffa business. And Jack remind alone as the SGC's CO, how will he cope with the events? Who will become the member of the next SG1. - Maybe Cassy, Haley, and de-agedJack/cloneJack. How will they do? How they will become a team ? What will happen if the original members come back?

If you choise one of this to write please send me the address so I can read it. : )