Title: Daddy, look what I found!

Author: SyberSnake

Beta: Shamenka

Fandom: Harry Potter

Warnings: mentioned MPREG

A/N: I don’t own anything, I don’t make money of this.



Chapter 3

Severus stood in the doorway to his children's bedroom if he wanted to be totally honest it was the only bedroom in the small flat. He sighed as he watched his children sleep. Children, no longer just his child, but now his children, he was amazed with the turn of events, even now, weeks after it had all happened. He wasn't sure if he had done the right thing, for a time, but, with each day that Harry had spent with them the young boy had started to open up more and more. At first, he wouldn't leave their sides. Harry was their little shadow, but even with just a little love and care, he began to open up, began to trust in them to never be left behind, to be fed, and cared for. It had taken them two weeks to begin to encourage Harry to not to flinch away if Severus raised his voice or made a sudden move.

But Severus was determined to be there for him and calm his fears every time the small boy woke from his nightmares. These nightmares were not a new experience for him, when he was a child he experienced them several time and still remembered how he wished being held.

Severus' nights were disturbed by his own memories as they resurfaced after he watched the boy fight against his own demons which were so similar to his own. In Severus' nightmare, he was yet again a small defenseless child, who couldn't save himself, or his mother, from his drunken father - if you could call that  man at a father; after all a father cares for his child, nurtures and protects his child, none of which that man had done! When one of this dreams woke him up, he found that watching the calm, still, night sky... or his boys, as they slept peacefully, would calm him enough so he could rest once more.