Title: Daddy, look what I found!

Author: SyberSnake

Beta/secondary: Bell Witch

Main characters: Severus Snape, Damien Snape (OC)

Warning: AU, mentioned MPREG

“Daddy, look what I found!”

These words could fill his heart with fear—what could the newest creature be? Severus saw from the corner of his eye the first animal that had come into their home, the brown-and-white coloured dog, which was supposed to alert him to anyone arriving. In reality, it just lay on its back with only the slight movement of his tail as the only sign it was alive at all. He remembered when his then two-year-old son found it in a box not far from their home one day as they came home from shopping. Oh, the pleading black eyes! How could anyone say no to them when they started to tear up and his son’s trembling lips asked to take in the dog. Just for a day, after that just for a week, then just until they could find the dog a new home. That was more than two years ago.

He rubbed the heel of his hand into his eyes, feeling the headache coming. Opening them again, he saw the raven—the second animal rescued from the street. The first time at a nearby park—children were running around in the play area. But not his son. No. Damien managed to find a nest with a wounded young raven in it. His son performed his first magic that day when he tried to heal the bird. Severus remembered the amazement in his son’s dark eyes. This was the first time the ill-boding words left Damien’s mouth when he ran up to him with his new pet, the brilliant smile and pleading black eyes. “Daddy, look what I found!” Severus tried to reason, plead, and blackmail but all in vain. It was more for argument’s sake, to be able to say later he’d been warned when the time came to take care of the animal. Because Severus knew he’d lost when he first saw the look on his son’s face.

He could hear the meows of the latest two additions. Kittens, a white and a grey, which are by the door before it is even opened. Now they are good house guards. He’d just looked away for a moment in the market to pay for the goods he was buying and his son was nowhere to be found. He swore that this tendency came from his other father’s side. He wasn’t that adventurous, that foolish… that Gryffendorish. When he found Damien, the boy was soaked and holding two small fur-balls with that same pleading look on his face. He was almost sure the boy practiced that face, which was very Slytherin of him: if he hadn’t been so worried in the first place, he’d have been proud. Then the words were out: “Daddy, look what I found!” He didn’t even try to resist this time, just gave in.

“Please, Merlin, please not another animal. Just this one favour?” he prayed. Who was he kidding, it had never helped before and it sure as hell wouldn’t now. Severus turned around and felt like fainting. It wasn’t what he thought it would be; not a new pet, but a boy. A small boy in oversized clothes with messy black hair and shy green eyes stood next to Damien. When the smaller boy looked up, Severus’ heart skipped a beat. His son had brought home no other than…

Harry Potter.


Warning: Next chapter not yet betad and not teh last version yet. <.o:p>

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