AU - I change the timeline, the series character birth was pushed forward, and the story is playing out in 1996 when they opened the Gate.

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Title: Ties stronger then blood

Author: Sith Jesto



Chapter 1 - Foster Home


Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill watched as the similar suburb houses rusted past as the car drove thought the silent neighborhood. Jack was only 13 year old, but his life wasn't pretty one. His parents died 8 year ago, and he was throw from one foster home to other, one family to other. He liked one or two of his stray home and maybe they loved him as well. But it never last too long.

Something always come along, some secret, trouble and he was send away or runaway if the situation was that bad. His last home was like that, the family first looked okay, if not good. But then everything changed, first come the rules and punishment then the beatings. And he ran. He lived a month or two on the street, his hair grow long and untidy. His clothes were full of tears. They never were new, they were from some of the older children, hand-me-downs, but now they were worst to wear, dirty and ripped.

The car pulled away in front of an ordinary house, his new foster home. He grimaced, this surrounding didn't look to bad but it can change. His sense was fully alert. it never failed him jet. Usually it means something will go bad, he hoped for the best but was repaired for the worst.

Mrs. Claire from the childcare service opened the car's door and backend him out of the car. He climbed out the car dragging with him his green army bag, which was his only reminder from his father.  Down the street he saw a family, a mother with her children. As she scolds her older child, her eyes full with love. Sometimes his own mother looked at him like that Some of his foster mother tried to take over her roll first he liked it but they left him after a time and his heart broken again. So his life was better without anyone to close if they didn't get close to you they can't hurt you.

He was so deep in his thought he didn't even noticed they reached to front door only when the door was opened up. There stood his new guardian who was a well-built, at first-look a calm and nice man as well but something was out in him. Jack felt as the small hair stood up on his neck, his sense was on full warming alert. He took a closer look and saw the man's cold blue eyes, which was total opposite to his warm smile. Them these icy eyes glanced at him, he couldn't help but stopped just before the door. But Mrs. Claire just gently pushed him toward the door. The petite woman didn't see the flash of cold smile on the man's face or just didn't care.

"Good Morning Mr. Crade I hope we didn't come too early." Mrs. Claire smiled.

"No, not at all. We just finished the breakfast. Please come inside."

"O, I really didn't want to bother you. You only need to sign the last paper. Here if you would." She said as searched for the papers in his handbag.

Jack only halfway listened for their polity conversation while Mrs Claire searched. His gaze wandered down the small corridor and kitchen he could see from his spot. The far side of the corridor was a half-closed door. For a moment or two his chocolate-brown eyes were met with baby-blues before the small blond head disparate behind the door.

 He heard as Mrs. Claire left him alone with his new guardian, his gaze wandered at the man beside him, the older man had an air of trouble. He could felt it in his bone. The man hard eyes settled on him.

"So Jonathan, welcome in my home" 'uhu trouble his home not our. It's bad' he thought. As he tried to not to blink. He could not show this man his weakness in it was sure. "There will be rules and houseworks if you fail to hold any rule up or didn't will be finished your work you will be sorry." Smirked Mr. Crade, his eyes glimmered in malice. They promised pain.



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