Warning: UnBetad yet - this chapter

Title: Ordinary Day


Chapter 4

Molly was more them angry, she felt her heart weep, how could her own son think so little of her, how could he think she wouldn’t understand what falling to love is. She knew and would have understand his son, his Charlie’s choice. Eventually. She hoped for a good life for all her children, with their loved one by their side. She knew she would have yelled, she would have cried, begged and maybe even blackmail at first, but she knew she would have see the love between this two. As she saw it today at their home garden.

She appraret close to Grimmauld Place, and stormed toward the house. She was mad, because entire meaning just now sink in she lost three precious years with her grandchild, her only grandchild. And who know how many time with her son while ‘he was in Romania. Her temper flared again the thought that her Charlie lied to her, but not just her their entire family. For a man. She brushed away the tears which tried to escape her brown eyes, because she knew her son. If Charlie was prepared to live in secret and lies with his lover, them he loved this man more them anything else in his life.

She stopped before the number 12 house, she knew if she would be the one who loved a man so much she would have done the same. Moreover, she had blackmailed with the same thing when her family want to separate her from Arthur. And they have given in and Molly knew she gave in the same way. Because love was in her blood, as part Vela they could feel their chosen once, their mate, the one who they would be able to left their original family.

She drow a deep breath, she had a mission now she need to unite her family, because what ever happened in a way she adopted Severus Snape as her own son some times ago. She looked after him when he was hurt, she always feed him in spite of Severus snarled and growled. And she will be damned if she will be left out her grandchildren life, Molly want to learn everything about Julian and his yet unborn brothers or sisters.