Title: Forgotten Life

Author: SyberSnake

Beta: LostLenore



Chapter 1

     Severus hurried down the corridors of St. Mungo’s Hospital as fast as he could, it did not help that he was at the moment four months pregnant. He couldn’t tell how many times he had made his way through there the last two days, since first hearing what had happened to Harry during his latest Quidditch match.

     He felt terrified when he heard the news of Harry’s accident. He didn’t know any of the  details, but he feared the worst. That Harry, his beloved husband of ten years had died. Nobody called him, not the Weasleys, nor Albus. His hormonal emotions had kicked in full force and conjured the most horrible consequences to this scenario, and he became horrified.

     He was never sure he would be a good parent after how he himself grew up with a drunken father and a mother who was never there for him. Even after Harry and his colleagues assured him that he would do just fine and offered their help in  any situation what may occur, he himself was never really sure. Now he could be left all alone with their children.


    Only few second later his logical Slytherin mind reappeared and he got the situation under hand. He floo-called St. Mungo’s and asked after the condition of his husband. He knew then Harry had been knocked down by one of the Bludgers and fallen almost 50 meters.This time Albus Dumbledore was not there to save him. Despite his fall being slowed down by some bystander, Harry suffered grave injures to both his body and mind.

     The healers told him the damage to Harry’s body could easily be repaired and they had taken care of the most serious injures but they feared he could have some brain damage from the impact of his body hitting the ground.

     So Severus didn’t loss anymore time, he called Minerva to ask her to take care of his children while he was away. As soon as she arrived, he was out the door heading directly to the hospital. He tried to be at Harry’s side all the time, until the healers sent him home to get some rest and sleep. He knew he needed rest in his condition, but he didn’t want to leave his beloved all alone. He knew how Harry hated hospitals. Albus was there most of the time to provide support for Harry and seeing Severus’s dilemma, he offered  to stay with Harry and promised to call when he woke up.

     As Severus’s luck would have it Harry woke up when he was not there. It made Severus more then frustrated by the time he arrived back at the hospital. He felt like he had been up for days, which was not too far from the truth. He hadn’t slept more then three hours before Albus woke him up with the wonderful news, Harry was awake.

     So here he was again feeling like running, but that would be very unbecoming for him, he would look just plain silly. He turned in the corridor where his husband was recovering and stopped dead when he heard shouting. It came from Harry’s room; he could clearly recognize both Albus and Harry’s voices. He moved to open the door, and felt like crying because of what he heard.

     “You’re lying. I never would touch that greasy git.”

      “Harry, my boy, please listen.”

     “No!!!” Harry backed away from the Headmaster who had reached out to touch his arm. “I have had enough of your lies and half truths. You can’t manipulate me anymore.” Harry turned away from the old man towards the door and was about to storm away when he noticed Severus standing there. He stopped for a moment, narrowing his green eyes.

     Harry’s green eyes flashed with hatred, no not Harry’s, they were Potter’s eyes. He could clearly remember these unforgivable eyes, as they look like green blazing fire which cut to his heart. He felt something break inside him because these were not his Harry’s eyes, his eyes never looked at him with anger or hate in the last twelve years. They were the eyes of a sixteen year old Harry Potter, who blamed the lost of his godfather on him and Albus, who raged because he was not in the main information flow and he thought he had the right to be informed. But it never occurred to the young boy that his mind was an open book for the Dark Lord because he didn’t learn Occlumency, something he blamed as well on Severus.

      His obsidian eyes moved up to meet with Dumbledore’s sorrowful blue eyes. And without further words or doubt he knew he had lost his Harry, maybe not to death. But in a way it was worst, to lose him to amnesia.

      Harry momentarily froze then stormed past Severus. Left them both behind without saying anything to them, to him. Severus watched with a heartache as Potter walked down the corridor which led towards the closest exit, the younger man still limped slightly – he had broke his legs in the fall. With a sad look on Severus’ face he watched as his beloved walked away from him without looking back. As Harry turned down the corridor and walked out his sight of vision, his heart clenched painfully as a thought entered his mind: ‘What if he never saw Harry again?’

     “Everything will be fine Severus.” said Dumbledore in a reassuring voice. Severus looked back at him and tried to smile but it came out more like a grimace. He could not help it but to reach back to his old sarcastic self to protect himself.

      “You think.” He ran his finger through his hair and down his neck, it was one of his nervous gestures he had picked up from Harry. “I am… I…. I think I going to go home, I need to go home.” He turned away from Albus who looked at him with eyes full of pity and melancholy.

      “Go my boy. I will meet you there in an hour or two.”

      “Yeah sure.”


     With that Severus strolled down the corridors, the same road he came by not so long ago. He needed to go home and hide in his bed, but he could not do it just yet. He needed to figure out what he was going to tell his children when they ask where their father went, when he will be coming home. Because he knew he could not tell them what his mind whispered to him, for what his heart clenched painfully, his throat close up and his eyes fill with tears: NEVER.


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