Title: Escape to Atlantis

Author: Sith Jesto/SyberSnake

Warning: CrossoverStargate Atlantis, did not count Stargate season 10 and Atlantis 2 and 3.




General Jack O’Neill watched the stars, from his lake’s side, he could escape from his office and D.C at least, after so many week. He felt tried, more them when he travelled between the stars. Oh how he wished to be able go thought the Stargate to explore new worlds and allies or enemies. Sometimes he even wished he could be in Ba’al’s fortress again, and it say something, it was one of the worst experience of his life. But life got unbearable he was not born to sat behind a desk day after day.

He sometimes wished he could be his clone, the young body, a new life time with the experience of a man. His clone could do so much with his life. After a time, they, he and  his clone lived separate he could not resist the temptation to call him, to speak to him, when it looked like he will die whiten days he could not resist the temptation to say goodbye to his last leaving relative. They came to an understanding to be able cope with what happened to them, they were not the best scientist mind, they have not got the patient for it, to sat down an learn it, but in their own way they were quiet brilliant, strategist and logical minded. They believed they were like twins who leaved the same life, for a time and now they leaved their own life. In both Jacks’ mind they were like twin brothers, they thought the same way, they felt the same way, they believed in the same, they were the same man inside two different body. After he did n ot died on Antartica, they shared a lot of time together. Sometimes they just talked or played hockey. Some usually nonsense.

Jack hoped his clone and friend were okay where ever they were, and sometimes they think at him as well. It was amusing how life went he never got a real family before Sarah and Charlie, and he believed for a time neither will he have after them, he never believed he will be able to open up again, to trust but he was wrong and he was happy for it. But his surrogate family was far away, living their own life. And in the end he left alone again, no, not alone their were his clone, Jack, his only family from fresh and blood.

He was like an old man who think back his life on his death bad, but maybe the truthe was not so far form it, he knew deep down he died a bit with everyday since he was promoted to General. It was not mean to happen he felt it, but it did. They promoted him ,everyone was happy for  him, and prude of him. And he smiled, only his eyes did not smiled but nobody noticed or nobody cared. He was on roll of his depression, he got them more often nowdays.

With a last glance at the sky he turned toward his cabin, he was tried, his body and his sole. He never felt so tried, so old. He was half way thought the door when he felt a sharp pain in his neck, but before he could react the darkness enveloped him and he felt unconsciously on the floor.




With a groan, he wake up, his eyes was itchy, his nose running, his muscle stiff and his mount felt dry. They were the usually symptoms of drugs. But who would do it, it was more them suicide to kidnap a two start general. He noticed was laying something cold. He opened his eyes, around him everything was black, on  he and his immediately surroundings were light up. It was so cliché, only the mad scientist or an alien was missing. His thought wandered to Locki, who was both in one person. He noticed he could not concentrate to anything for a long time, it must be the drugs side affect.

“Ah Jack O’Neill it is my pleasure to meet you at least, I waited for a long time to this.”

‘Here come the mad scientist’ thought Jack, for him the man was the epitome of it. The man’s hair was shabby and long, he wore a thick glasses, and white lab coat. Jack’ retort was on his tongue when he noticed he could not speak, his muscle did not obeyed him. He panicked for a moment.

It looked the mad scientist noticed his panicked look and he came closer to him, his blue eyes were felt with malice, and glee. “You really don’t think we will let you free completely from the drug.” He chuckled, Jack could not do anything just glare at the man with his eyes. ”We heard of you, a lot of thing, Yes, yes. we didn’t want you to escape. You and me, Jack. We will do so many wonderful test and experience. You will help me to learn the secret of Ancients.” The man sure was man, if he thought he Jack O’Neill will help him.

mnmn” he wanted to say NO. no way but the damn drug was strong. The man just smiled at him, like he was his new pet, what he was Jack supposed.

“Of course not from yourself, but you won’t be yourself now would you.” He smiled, Jack saw smiles like this they were a mad man’s smile, his stomach churn up, his alarm start to scream him, he start to feel his muscle again. He need time, just a bit more, he need to get the other man to talk more.

“How?” it came out as he intended.

“I hope you remember this,” he hold up a vial, and in it was a yellowish liquid. ”It came from Linea, you remember Linea and her little invention, it managed to remove the memory of an entire planet.” Jack tried to pull himself away the injection but his muscle did not work yet, he felt a sharp pain and liquid fire flow thought his veins. He only managed not to cry out in pain, it was like something eating away his body. He was confused he saw his memories slept away from  him one by one he tried to keep them, to hide them but he could not really managed. It was strange to watch as his life disparate and darkness take over its place. His vision start to blur then dark spots apparet before his eyes and then everything went dark.

With out knowing, he do what this mad man and his association wanted he pulled up one of his recessed talent, what he inherit from the Ancients and called out the only one who can find him.

\Jack help\




Jack O’Neill woke up from his dream, he heard his original calling him, he felt his pain, and despair as the felling of nothingness consumed him. He felt now hallow, like something was missing, some part of his mind what connecting him to Jack.

But he knew he haven’t got too much time he pulled on his jeans and long sleeved T-shirt, he needed to hurry or his older self will … die, no not die, something worst them death. He sat down now fully clothed on his bad. What can be worst them death. And a whisper sleept thought his mind: the nothingness.

Jack could not help but shivered, he have no idea what could happened with the ther him but he faired the worst. What could he do, he could not just go to the police or the Air Force with that ‘Hey I have a dream where I was consumed by nothingness, but it was not me my older other self.’ Yeh sure they would laughed there ash off. He could not go to SGC, he did not knew their anything he will trust, neither he can call Washington, there are more the enemy them the friends. But what them,

He need to calm down, he did not even noticed so far his hart racing. He learned the knelnorim from Teal’c when the ythe body changing thing was with Matchello’s machine. Later he found this type of mediation, well relaxing. He hoped it will help to clear his mind this time as well.

As he closed his eyes, and slowed his hart bit, he did something what he never could explain if someone ever asked him. It felt right to do it, to reach out toward where once  his older self was. And he found him, the familiar present but it felt a bit other, like it changed. He never really wondered on this links existence but now he could feel it. He felt the original Jack O’Neill but it felt the same time too young, childlike. He could feel the other was not a wake or conscious at all. He pulled back.

When he opened his eyes he knew the answer where to turn for assistance. He needed to collect some old debt.



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